Sozo Hair Health Blog

3 ways to give your hair volume and bounce
Turn flat, thin and limp hair into soft, bouncy and voluminous locks with these simple styling hacks. Understand how your haircare products can influence your overall hair volume.
Why you must add an all-natural hair mask into your haircare routine
Tired of dry, damaged, frizzy hair, split ends, breakage and an itchy scalp? Find out how an all-natural hair mask can help transform your scalp and hair with just one application each week.
Why you need to be using natural conditioner on your oily scalp & hair
Could not using conditioner make your scalp and hair MORE oily? Find out how to regulate your scalp's oil using our natural conditioner, formulated to be nourishing and lightweight.
How to treat hair loss and encourage new hair growth

Say goodbye to hair loss, thinning and shedding and learn how you can encourage and experience new hair growth with a few simple tips. Plus, learn about hair care products that will help you achieve hair regrowth.

3 ways you can get the most out of your chemical free shampoo
Implement these three simple steps when washing your scalp and hair, and achieve a rich lather, foaming and cleaning experience with our chemical free shampoo.
Why your scalp is oily and how you can normalise your sebum (oil) flow
The natural sebum (oil) flow of our scalp is impacted by many different factors, including our health and changes within our bodies. Just like we all have different skin types, some of us have a more naturally oily scalp and...
How to improve your colour uptake and retention naturally.
To experience the best results before and after colouring your hair, you need to ensure your hair care products are colour safe and enhance your colour uptake and retention. Find out which all-natural ingredients can do just this.
3 ways to soothe a dry, irritated scalp and improve your scalp health.
Healthy hair ALWAYS starts with a healthy scalp. So, if you're suffering from a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, here are 3 tips you must start implementing today.
Why you need to stop using chemical based hair care products.
Hair and beauty products are filled with so many different harsh chemicals and hidden nasties that, often, we don't know about. Understand what is really in your hair care and why you must stop using traditional, chemical-based hair products.
4 things you MUST look for when buying new haircare.
Ready to invest in some new hair care products? Here is what you need to look out for to ensure you choose products that are best for you and your scalp and hair.