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Hair Oiling Mistakes to Avoid + How to Get Your Best Results From Hair Serums

Implementing a regular scalp and hair oil treatment into your haircare routine can provide a range of benefits to help you achieve a more nourished scalp and stronger, healthier hair. But achieving your best results from hair oiling is all about understanding how to care for your scalp and hair, as well as avoiding some very simple but important hair oiling mistakes. Knowing how to most effectively use your hair serum or oil will allow you to experience healthier hair that is easy to style and manage. So, here is how you can utilise a product like our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum into your haircare routine for styling purposes and as a pre-wash hair oil treatment.

Pre-Wash Hair Oiling Treatment Mistakes

If you want to experience more shine and smoother, stronger, healthier hair, as well as a nourished, conditioned scalp, implementing weekly hair oil treatments is absolutely essential. But to achieve your very best results, always ensure you do not make these crucial mistakes.

Not washing your hands

Just like our skin, we must be very aware of how we care for our scalp. This involves ensuring we have clean hands before massaging our scalp to avoid spreading any germs or bacteria. Our scalp and scalp microbiome are very delicate, so washing your hands before massaging your scalp will help ensure you’re not going to cause any irritations or problems.

Not massaging your scalp regularly

Utilising hair products and oils is a great way to encourage hair growth and promote a healthier scalp. But massaging your scalp even before applying any oil will help to increase the blood flow and circulation to your scalp and hair follicles, which can help to support healthy hair growth. For your best results, make a habit of massaging your scalp once a day for 5 minutes, even when not doing an scalp oil treatment.

Not brushing your hair before applying hair oil

Our hair can become fragile when wet and after applying a hair oil generously. This means it’s best to gently brush your hair before applying your oil to eliminate any knots or matting. However, always be careful to not brush aggressively, especially if you have used a lot of chemical based hair styling products like hairspray or dry shampoo in between your hair washes that can cause breakage.

Running the oil dropper through your scalp and hair

Applying a hair oil like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum generously is essential to ensuring you cover all sections of your scalp, as well as your ends. Of course, there’s no need to saturate your scalp and hair, but when doing oil treatments, you will need to apply more generously than you would when using our hair serum for styling purposes.

The easiest way to apply oil to all areas of your scalp is to part your hair and apply the oil straight from the dropper onto your scalp. However, you must not run the dropper along your scalp or through your hair. When we are hair oiling, it is very likely our scalp hasn’t been washed in several days, which means that we often have a build-up of dirt, oil and product. So, when you take your oil dropper and run it through your scalp and hair, you are essentially running it through all of that build up. After this, you are then putting the contaminated dropper back into the hair serum bottle. This is why the dropper itself must not touch your scalp or hair. You can still apply oil to your scalp directly from the dropper, but always remember to keep the dropper a couple of centimetres above your head. Alternatively, you can massage natural hair oils into your hands then run your fingertips through your scalp to apply the oil.

Not leaving your hair oil on for at least 30 minutes every week

To experience your very best results, you must allow your hair oil to absorb into your scalp, especially if you are wanting to encourage hair growth with ingredients like rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has been found to provide wonderful benefits for promoting healthy hair growth. But seeing your best results possible is about using rosemary hair oils and products, like our Scalp & hair Health Serum, consistently. This means you must allow your hair oils to absorb for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair, or up to a couple of hours. Achieving your greatest results from hair oiling means you will need to apply at least once a week, or more often if your scalp and hair require it. By monitoring the health and condition of your scalp and hair, you will be able to determine if you need to apply oil treatments more than once a week. 

After applying your scalp oil treatment, you can massage your scalp once again to encourage your best hair health results. But, always make sure you massage very gently without causing any matting, knots or breakage because, as we’ve already discussed, our hair is fragile when wet and when it’s been oiled.

Not double shampooing

When it is time to wash your hair, be sure to apply your shampoo generously and also double shampoo to achieve a clean, nourished scalp. You want to ensure all oil is removed from your hair while also not stripping the goodness and hydration from your scalp and hair. This is why we recommend you invest in an all-natural, sulphate free shampoo, like our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, that has been formulated to clean and nourish your hair, unlike many traditional shampoos that can strip natural oil. 

Experience your best results from your all-natural hair styling serum

Although many hair oil treatments are very heavy and have been designed to deeply nourish your scalp and hair, with a product like our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum, you can also use your hair oil for styling purposes. Because our all-natural hair serum has been formulated with an oil emollient scientifically proven to be ultra-lightweight and non-greasy, all hair types can apply our serum to both damp and dry hair before styling to reduce heat damage, increase shine and control frizz. To experience your healthiest hair that is bouncy, full of volume and easier to style, keep these simple tips in mind.

Apply less then add more if needed

Our Scalp & Hair Health Serum is an ultra-light formula, but because it is an oil-based product, it’s important to apply less first then add more oil to your hair if needed. By adding a couple of drops to your hair, then brushing it through, you will be able to know if your hair needs more oil for enhanced results. For thin, fine hair types, we recommend you start by applying two to three drops of our hair serum, or four to five drops for thicker, frizzier hair types. Of course, if your hair is particularly dry and you are trying to keep that frizz or your curls under control, then you can apply more generously.

Apply only to your ends

Applying our natural hair serum to your scalp and hair is essential for hair oiling treatments. But when using it as a styling serum, only apply our Scalp & Hair Health Serum to the ends of your hair. By keeping our hair serum only on your ends, you won’t experience that heavy, greasy hair feeling that many hair styling products create.

Brush the oil through your ends

After applying and massaging our hair serum, gently brushing or combing the oil through your ends will help to distribute the serum evenly and help to maintain that non-greasy, lightweight feeling.

Use on both damp and dry hair

We all know our hair can become very dry and damaged with regular exposure to heated styling tools. That’s why our Scalp & Hair Health Serum contains ingredients including grapeseed oil, jojoba esters and sunflower seed oil to provide silicone free, all-natural heat protection. This means you can apply our heat protection hair serum to both damp and dry hair before styling.

Applying our anti frizz hair serum to dry hair will also assist with smoothing and controlling frizzier hair, as well as increase the overall shine and health of your hair. So, with our ultra-lightweight formula, you can massage a couple of drops of our hair oil serum into your hair between washes to keep it looking and feeling its best.


When knowing how to effectively utilise your hair serum, you can encourage your healthiest scalp and hair that feels conditioned and is easy to style and manage. By investing in an all-natural hair styling product like our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum, you can enjoy protected and shinier hair when styling, as well as regular hair oiling treatments to promote healthy hair growth.

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