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5 Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Flat, Limp Hair

Do you struggle with flat, limp hair even after blow drying, styling and using volumizing hair products? Thin, flat hair is something no one wants to experience especially when you put so much time and energy into caring for your scalp and hair health. But unfortunately, it’s a hair struggle that many have to navigate. There are several unique causes for thin, flat or limp hair, so in order to experience more body and volume, you need to first understand why your hair is feeling and looking flat in the first place. Let’s take a look at five potential causes and how you can add more volume to your hair.

1. Your haircare & styling products are weighing down your hair

The haircare market is full of different types of hair products that all contain a wide range of unique ingredients. The ingredients and chemicals most commonly found in haircare products are formulated to provide specific features and benefits. However, although hair products may make us believe our hair ‘feels’ healthy, they may actually be weighing our hair down or leaving a residue which then makes your hair more difficult to style.

One type of ingredient that is very well know and found in many haircare products is silicones. Silicones are often used in products to make your hair feel extra silky and smooth, as well as assist with brushing and detangling. However, long term and continuous use can result in a build-up forming on your scalp and hair, which can then weigh down your hair and make it feel flat. Silicone and chemical based conditioners, heat protectants and hair serums are the most common types of haircare products that can create a build-up, causing your hair to feel heavy, limp and, sometimes, greasy.

To determine if any of the hair products you currently use in your routine are contributing to your flat and limp hair, you need to take a close look at every ingredient inside each product. You don’t need to be an expert, but if there are ingredients you are not familiar with, spend a few minutes doing some basic research to understand what type of ingredients have been formulated into the product so you can determine if they are causing a build-up on your hair or simply causing your hair to feel heavy and difficult to style.

2. You’re not using lightweight, all-natural haircare products formulated to nourish

Because avoiding traditional and chemical based products is vital for addressing flat hair, it’s essential you invest in all-natural haircare products that are formulated to nourish and treat your scalp and hair while also remaining lightweight. Our Sozo Hair Health products are completely chemical free and contain natural ingredients that are proven to hydrate, moisturise, condition, repair, protect, strengthen, reduce frizz and increase shine while remaining lightweight to provide you with as much volume and body in your hair as possible. Increasing your hair volume and bounce involves haircare that is not only lightweight but is also going to nourish your scalp and hair because, the reality is, it can be very difficult and almost impossible to style hair that is extremely dry, damaged, frizzy and brittle. You will find that when your hair receives sufficient hydration and nourishment, you are more likely to experience a natural bounce and more enhanced curls, depending on your hair type.

One feature ingredient in our Australian made hair products is hyaluronic acid. Loved within the skincare industry, hyaluronic acid is also an important and effective ingredient in haircare products as it is known for its high water retention capabilities, plus it also creates a moisture barrier around the hair shaft to add more volume to your hair.

3. Poor diet

We all know and understand the role haircare products play on the health of our hair, and therefore, our overall hair volume and bounce. But our diet and physical health also play a vital role in our hair health. Without sufficient nutrients and a balanced diet, the state of our hair can suffer greatly. Our diet can influence our hair thickness, structure, shine and overall health, so prioritising your physical health needs, alongside investing in all-natural haircare products, is vital to experiencing healthier hair that is, therefore, easier to style.

4. Environmental factors & hair habits are causing hair damage

Even when we focus on consistently using all-natural haircare products and maintaining good physical health, our hair can still become brittle, limp and difficult to style if we are not careful with our hair habits and our exposure to certain environmental factors, including UV damage. In particular, damage from UV exposure can result in hair protein loss which can leave your hair feeling dry, limp and brittle. Any type of hair damage and breakage can lead to unhealthy and thin hair, which then makes it more difficult to style and achieve volume. This means you need to limit your exposure to heated styling tools and also be aware of how much time you’re spending in the sun. Although we can’t limit our exposure to the sun entirely, you can invest in all-natural haircare products like our Sozo Hair Health that are formulated with ingredients such as baobab seed extract, which is known to protect against UV damage.

5. Your hair styling techniques and haircut don’t encourage volume

Finally, although it seems obvious, the way we style our hair absolutely plays a large role in how much volume we can experience. Of course, some hair types are more naturally thin, fine and limp compared to other thicker hair types but learning how to style your flat hair is essential to achieving bounce and volume. Blow drying and focusing on lifting your roots is one of the most common ways to style thin, limp hair. Using hair styling accessories like velcro rollers is also a great way to lift your roots and add bounce back into your hair.

Understanding how to get the best results from your hair type also involves working with your hairdresser to ensure you have the most effective cut and shape to your hair. Often long, thin hair can easily become flat. However, with the right haircut and layers added into your limp hair, you can encourage more volume and body. Of course, there always need to be balance when cutting layers to ensure that you don’t lose thickness in your hair. That’s why it’s important to work with a hairdresser you trust to discuss what your specific hair type requires.


It’s common for many to experience flat hair, especially if it is fine or thin. However, experiencing more volume always starts with identifying and understanding exactly why your hair feels flat. Whether it’s due to your haircare products, hair habits, or physical health, you need to address your flat hair by focusing on the specific cause. Although some hair types will always be more naturally fine, thin and limp, you can work to achieve more volume with the right all-natural haircare products, hair habits and styling techniques.

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