5 Natural Ingredients You Need in Your Hair Treatment

5 Natural Ingredients You Need in Your Hair Treatment

Hair treatments and masks are an essential part of any haircare routine as they provide intense nourishment to our scalp and hair, plus they protect and repair damage. But with so many different haircare products and treatments in the market, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which hair and scalp treatment is right for you. So, let’s talk about five key natural hair mask ingredients that are proven to help you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair.

Why invest in a natural hair treatment mask?

It’s important that we start by explaining how natural hair masks are unique to many traditional hair treatments and haircare products that are formulated with silicones. Silicones are one of the most common types of ingredients used in hair products as they are known to coat your hair and make it feel silky soft and easy to brush. However, silicones can be detrimental to your hair health in the long term as they can create a build-up, weigh your hair down and prevent other ingredients from completely absorbing into your hair.

Unlike many traditional hair masks, products like our all-natural Sozo Hair Health Mask are silicone free and, instead, contain naturally derived silicone alternatives, natural oils and extracts, as well as other natural ingredients containing positive charges to flatten the cuticles on the hair shaft, which ultimately allows for improved combability of your hair. With natural hair mask ingredients, you can nourish and protect your hair, as well as soothe your scalp for healthy hair in the short and long term, as opposed to experiencing poor hair health in the future caused by chemical and silicone based products that give you the illusion your hair feels healthy in the short term.

Choosing an effective and truly all-natural hair treatment mask is all about understanding each ingredient that has been formulated into the product. Of course, there are many natural hair mask ingredients that are proven to enhance your hair health. But here are five ingredients that you’re going to want in your hair mask when you decide to make the investment. Not only are these ingredients beneficial for dry, damaged hair, but they will also help to soothe and condition your scalp, which, of course, is a key element of achieving healthy hair.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

One of the greatest and easiest ways you can identify an effective hair treatment or product is by looking for aloe barbadensis leaf juice as the first ingredient. Most haircare products contain water as the first ingredient; however, hair masks with aloe vera are going to provide more moisture to your hair and more effective results. This is because aloe barbadensis leaf juice contains polysaccharides, vitamins C, E, B12, folic acid and beta carotene which is known for anti-ageing. Unlike water that can dilute the other ingredients, aloe vera will help to enhance the results provided by the natural ingredients in the haircare product you’re using.

Manuka Honey

Without focusing on and addressing our scalp health and struggles, it is difficult to truly experience healthy hair growth. This means it is essential you invest in a hair mask that not only repairs your ends but also nourishes your scalp, especially if you suffer with any type of itchy, dry or flaky scalp irritation or condition. That’s why manuka honey is a must have ingredient in the hair mask you choose for your hair. Manuka honey contains sugar, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other minor components, which makes it known for it’s anti-bacterial and wound healing properties. It is also considered as an emollient and humectant which means it is known to soothe and condition your scalp and hair.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Jojoba seed oil is an emollient oil extracted from the seeds of the desert shrub jojoba and it has a similar chemical structure to human sebum, meaning its composition provides hydration and moisture to our scalp and hair. Knowing that it provides non-occlusive protection, as well as hydration and moisture, jojoba seed oil is also a key ingredient used in hair masks for dry hair.

Beetroot Extract

Beetroot extract is a unique ingredient that provides a wide range of benefits of our overall scalp and hair health. It is an ingredient known to condition and hydrate hair which, just like jojoba seed oil, makes it an essential ingredient in hair treatments for dry hair. Not only will beetroot extract be beneficial for dry hair, but it is also ideal for hair masks that repair damaged hair as it is known to strengthen and reduce breakage. Plus, it also improves combability and reduces static and flyaways. Beetroot extract is also unique because it can help to prevent colour fading with the goal of prolonging colour.

Baobab Seed Extract

An ingredient you may not be familiar with is baobab seed extract which is a naturally derived peptide from the seeds of the baobab tree. One of the key benefits it provides, which makes it essential in any natural haircare product, is protection from UV damage to your scalp and hair. UV damage can have a range of negative impacts and consequences on the health of our hair, including making our hair dry, frizzy and brittle, as well as causing changes in our hair colour. However, these effects of sun exposure can be reduced and avoided with the help of ingredients like baobab seed extract being formulated into your haircare products and hair mask.

Baobab seed extract is also known to repair and strengthen damaged hair. Plus, it is an ingredient you need in your hair treatment if you have dry hair as it provides moisture, as well as increases the barrier function of the scalp. Finally, baobab seed extract is promoted as an anti-ageing product for hair, which means it plays a key role in our long-term scalp and hair health.

How to get your best results from these natural hair mask ingredients

All five of these ingredients allow you to nourish your hair, as well as protect it to ultimately achieve your healthiest scalp and hair. With a product like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, which contains all of these ingredients plus many more, you can experience the benefits of aloe vera, manuka honey, jojoba seed oil, beetroot extract and baobab seed extract first hand by simply incorporating our hair mask into your haircare routine at least once a week. To experience your best results, don’t forget to:

  • Apply our all-natural hair mask in place of conditioner, after shampooing.
  • Apply generously to your scalp and hair to ensure both receive as much nourishment as possible.
  • Leave in for at least three to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly or leave in for approximately 30 minutes as a longer and more intense treatment.
  • Gently massage your scalp, allowing the product to absorb and also to promote hair growth.

Don’t be afraid to use our mask generously and regularly as it has been formulated to be lightweight, so your hair won’t feel heavy or weighed down. Successfully incorporating and experiencing the benefits of a hair treatment is all about using it to meet your specific hair and scalp needs. This means some may only need a mask once a week while others may need to apply it more often.


Hair masks play a vital role in our haircare routine, but you must be intentional with the type product you choose to use. By avoiding harsh chemicals and silicones, and by investing in a natural hair mask that contains these five ingredients, just like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, you can provide your scalp and hair with nourishment and protection for both short and long term benefits. Of course, there are many other natural haircare ingredients used within our range of Australian hair products, so you can check out our complete Ingredient Glossary to learn about more natural ingredients that are essential for healthy hair.

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