Hair Accessories

Meet our Sozo Hair Accessories, created and designed to help you maintain your healthiest scalp and hair. Investing in high quality, natural haircare products for washing and styling your hair is only just the very start of seeing your best hair health results. Our daily hair habits and styling techniques also play a vital role in the overall health of your scalp and hair. That is why we have brought you our Sozo Detangling Hairbrush and Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel. Brushing and managing our hair without using the right brush or taking proper care can and will lead to unnecessary hair breakage and, ultimately, thin, spiny, unhealthy hair. But with our Detangling Hairbrush you can easily eliminate knots and matting. Plus with our Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel, you can dry your hair faster before you even start brushing to prevent as much hair breakage and damage as possible when your hair is wet. Microfibre is not only known to be very absorbent but it is also known to help promote smoother hair with less frizz. Shop our Sozo Hair Accessories as singles or in our Sozo Hair Health bundles to receive the full Sozo Australia experience and achieve your healthiest scalp and hair.