Aloe barbadensis leaf juice processed from the aloe vera leaf

How to know if natural haircare products will be effective for your scalp & hair

What if we told you that you could know just how effective natural haircare products are going to be for your scalp and hair without even using them?! If you’ve struggled to find hair products, or specifically natural haircare, that genuinely improve your scalp and hair health, then it can be very easy to feel sceptical about whether certain hair products are going to truly perform and give you the results you’re wanting. When you’ve wasted endless amounts of time, energy and money on trying different haircare products, it’s normal to doubt and question what makes certain natural haircare products, like our Sozo Hair Health range, unique compared to others in the market. So, we’re going to give you one simple tip that you can use to help you know how products will really perform for your scalp and hair.

Always look at the first ingredient

The ingredient list on your natural haircare products is the one source of information that can really give you the facts that you need to truly understand what type of results you can expect to experience. Although all ingredients in haircare products are vitally important, you must specifically look at and take note of the first ingredient. The first ingredient is always the ingredient that has been formulated at the highest percentage in your hair product. In most haircare products in the market, aqua (water) is used as the first ingredient, which can be an immediate indicator to you about the quality and effectiveness of the natural haircare products you choose to invest in. Because we are passionate about providing you with truly all-natural hair products that help you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair, all of our Sozo Hair Health products have been scientifically formulated with aloe barbadensis leaf juice, not water, as the first ingredient. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is most commonly referred to as aloe or aloe vera and is known to provide wonderful benefits for your skin, hair and overall health when used and/or consumed.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on Hair

So, what really is aloe barbadensis leaf juice, what makes it great for your scalp and hair, and why have we used it as the first ingredient in our Australian hair products? Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is processed from the inner fillet of the aloe vera leaf, plus it is GMO free and organically grown using sustainable farming practices. Aloe vera is wonderful for your hair as it contains vitamins C, E, B12, folic acid and beta carotene, which is known for its anti-ageing powers. Aloe also provides intense hydration and moisture to your scalp and hair as it is known to contain polysaccharides.

Now you're aware of the benefits of aloe vera on hair, you might still be wondering why it is important for aloe to be the very first ingredient. Well, knowing it intensely moisturises, it actually provides greater benefits to your scalp and hair health than what water alone can achieve. Not only do the benefits of aloe barbadensis leaf juice outperform water, aloe vera also enhances the effectiveness and performance of all the other natural haircare ingredients that are found in our Aussie hair products.

So, when you really stop and think about it, why would you want to settle for hair products based on water alone, even if those products contain other natural ingredients further down the list, when you could experience enhanced results for your scalp and hair with natural haircare containing aloe vera? In the formulation and development process of our Sozo Hair Health range, we were very intentional about all the ingredients selected for each of our products, so we certainly were not interested in basing our haircare on water, potentially diluting the effectiveness of all those essential ingredients. Each and every ingredient in our Australian hair products plays a vital role in helping you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair, that is also easy to style and manage, so if you want to continue learning more about our ingredients, head to our Sozo Hair Health Ingredient Glossary for everything you need to know.


The first ingredient of any haircare product, whether it’s water, chemicals or aloe barbadensis leaf juice, will always impact the product and also provide you with a deeper understanding of the overall quality and performance of that particular hair product. So, be sure to check your current haircare ingredient lists, and if you’re not satisfied with what you find, or you’re looking to invest in high quality, all-natural haircare that will be effective in treating and nourishing your scalp and hair health, ensure you invest in products that contain aloe barbadensis leaf juice as the first ingredient, just like our Sozo Hair Health, for your very best results.

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