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Your Best Post-Shower Healthy Haircare Routine
Experiencing your best hair health results are determined by not only your hair products but also by your hair habits. So, let's break down everything you need to know for your most effective post-shower haircare routine.
Everything you need to know about using the right detangling brush for your hair
Your hairbrush & how you brush your hair everyday can impact the overall condition, thickness & health of your hair. To help you avoid unnecessary damage and breakage, we've broken down everything you need to know about detangling hairbrushes and experiencing your best results.
5 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without a Microfibre Hair Towel
Want smoother, healthier hair while spending less time drying your hair?! We've broken down exactly why you must be using a microfibre hair towel in your healthy haircare routine.
10 Haircare Tips for Healthy Hair When Travelling
Travelling can often mean our scalp & hair are neglected. But with these simple yet effective healthy hair tips, you can maintain a consistent haircare routine & experience your healthiest hair when going overseas, camping, boating or wherever life takes you.
Why you must build your healthy haircare routine like a HOUSE
Learn why you must build your haircare routine as if you were building a house. All houses require strong foundations & so does your haircare routine. Let's discuss the key foundations of your healthy haircare routine so you can experience your best results long term.
7 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage & Achieve Thicker Hair
Achieving thick, healthy hair is largely about preventing hair breakage and repairing damaged ends. So here's exactly what you need to do in order to stop hair breakage and promote healthier hair.
3 Scalp Care Tips You Need to Understand for Healthier Hair
Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp. Here are the 3 scalp tips you need to understand and implement if you want to achieve a healthier scalp naturally and, ultimately, thick, strong, shiny, healthy hair.
Is it normal hair shedding or actually hair breakage?
Want to know if you're experiencing normal hair shedding or hair breakage?! With this one tip, you can know exactly what type of hair loss you're facing. Plus, find out how you can easily strengthen your hair at home.
Hair Oiling Mistakes to Avoid + How to Get Your Best Results From Hair Serums
Scalp & hair oiling is known to provide a range of benefits for your overall hair health. So here is everything you need to know about hair oiling, as well as all the mistakes you MUST avoid to achieve your best results.
Why you need an all-natural hair serum in your haircare routine
Hair oiling has become an increasingly popular part of any healthy haircare routine because of it's undeniable benefits. That's why we've broken down everything you need to know about hair oiling to achieve your healthiest scalp & hair.
5 Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Flat, Limp Hair
No one wants flat, limp or thin hair! So that's why we're breaking down all the tips, products and techniques you need to experience more body and volume.
5 Natural Ingredients You Need in Your Hair Treatment
Hair treatments provide essential hydration, moisture, nourishment and protection to our scalp and hair. So let's take a look at 5 natural ingredients you need to look for when investing in a hair treatment mask.
10 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier
There are an endless number of factors that impact your hair health and growth. So here are 10 tips for healthy hair growth that you can implement at home for longer, healthier hair.
What to expect when switching to natural haircare products
Wanting to invest in all-natural hair products? Here's everything you need to know about what you can experience with our Australian natural haircare products and how you can achieve your healthiest scalp & hair now and for many years to come.
5 tips for healthy hair
Want thick, healthy, shiny, repaired & protected hair that is frizz-free & easy to style but struggle with an irritated scalp & thin, damaged hair? Here are 5 things I did NOT do to achieve my healthiest scalp & hair.
How to achieve healthy hair in 2023
We've broken down all that is IN and OUT for healthy hair in 2023! With these haircare tips and trends, this will be the year you achieve and maintain your healthiest scalp hair!
3 Natural ingredients you need in your hair products for shiny hair
Want to enjoy shiny, healthy hair? Here are 3 natural haircare ingredients that you need in your hair products to enhance hair shine and transform your overall scalp and hair health.
Why you need to treat your hair health like your skin!
Want healthy hair that is easy to style? Here's why you need to be treating your hair health like you do your skin!
Your all-natural haircare routine for your healthiest scalp and hair
Understand the steps & hair products you need in your natural haircare routine that can be implemented at home to achieve your healthiest scalp & hair.
Why to avoid DIY haircare routines & homemade hair treatments
Have you ever tried making a homemade hair mask or treatment and saw no improvement in your scalp & hair health? We're revealing why DIY haircare is not the easiest way for you to experience your healthiest scalp & hair.
How to know if natural haircare products will be effective for your scalp & hair
Want to know how effective an all natural haircare product will be without even having to use it? We're giving you our most valuable tip to help you know the quality and overall performance of a natural hair product simply by looking at the haircare ingredient list.