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Why to avoid DIY haircare routines & homemade hair treatments

Have you ever tried making a homemade hair mask or treatment? What about DIY haircare products? If you’ve ever attempted to create your own natural hair products at some point, I want you to take a moment to think about the overall benefit you experienced from those products. How did your scalp and hair feel afterwards?

Unless you’re an expert haircare formulator, many try raw ingredients or DIY haircare recipes and, ultimately, see very little improvement in their scalp and hair health. In fact, if you have tried homemade hair treatments, I’m sure we’d be right in saying, the time, energy and effort spent making and using the recipes far outweighed the benefits you experienced.

Although homemade haircare alternatives and applying raw ingredients straight onto your hair may seem more affordable, if you want to truly experience your healthiest scalp and hair, then we’re going to share with you exactly why DIY haircare routines are simply not going to give you the results you want!

How to experience the full benefit of natural haircare ingredients

With endless sources of online recipes, tutorials, videos and articles sharing the benefits of specific natural ingredients that can be used to improve your scalp and hair health, it can be easy to think achieving healthy hair is as simple as buying something like a jar of coconut oil, applying it to your hair and washing it out for instant results.

However, there is a key piece of information that you need to know in order for you to experience the genuine results that natural haircare ingredients can produce. Each and every ingredient has to be used and formulated in a way that is scientifically proven. What we mean by this is, in order for natural ingredients in haircare products to be effective, they must be formulated at certain percentages in the product. This is why we always encourage you, when researching new hair products, to thoroughly read the ingredient lists and take note of how certain ingredients are ordered, because if all the powerful natural ingredients are only listed towards the bottom, it means they have been formulated at low percentages in the product, potentially limiting their overall performance. If you want to know more about how to read ingredient lists, you can check out our blog post here.

Knowing that ingredients need to be carefully formulated to produce results specifically for hair, we can understand why it is difficult for anyone to create homemade hair treatments and products that genuinely improve both your scalp and hair health, especially when you’re creating recipes containing ingredients bought from your local supermarket, for example.

What’s your best option for achieving healthy hair and maximising your time & money?

Now that we’ve discussed why you need to avoid DIY hair products, let’s jump into how you can really experience the very best results possible from your natural haircare routine at home. Investing in high quality, all-natural haircare products will always be your most effective option to improve your scalp and hair health in the short and long term. As we’ve already discussed together, ingredients need to be formulated at scientifically proven levels in order to maximise results and the overall performance. This means when you make the active decision to invest in natural, Australian hair products, just like our Sozo Hair Health range, you can experience the best results possible as we’ve done all the hard work for you to ensure you will receive the greatest benefit from each and every ingredient.

If you’ve tried homemade haircare in the past because you prefer simple haircare routines, we want to remind you that effective haircare routines do NOT have to be complicated. With the right haircare, you can limit your routine to a small handful of products, including a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask as an example, and still experience incredible results.


When it comes to achieving your healthiest scalp and hair, you will always minimise your time, energy and money while also maximising your results, simply by investing in scientifically formulated natural haircare products, as opposed to trying to experiment with ingredients at home that aren’t truly going to improve your hair health. With carefully formulated haircare solutions, you can know that with every wash, you are nourishing, treating and protecting your scalp and hair.

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