Our Mission

We are passionate about providing you with only the best. But we also see the importance of giving back to our community and those in need. This means we are committed to donating $1 from every haircare product sold (excluding hair accessories) to our selected charities, so you can feel confident in knowing that your purchases will directly and positively impact those who need our help.

It’s as simple as that… so start shopping now!

Who do we support?

At Sozo Australia, we donate to not just one cause, but a range of charities. We are determined to be globally sensitive, meaning we are always looking for where there is need in our world. The charities that we choose to support will change and be dependent on the evolving needs in our local and worldwide communities.

For the months of April, May and June, the organisation we are supporting is JDRF Australia which is one of the leading organisations working towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Diabetes is so often misunderstood, especially Type 1. So, here are just a few essential pieces of information about T1D that will help you understand why your support is vital:

  • T1D is an autoimmune disease that currently has no cure or prevention.
  • It is not caused by poor diet or lifestyle.
  • Type 1 Diabetics are dependent on injecting themselves with insulin as their bodies are unable to process the glucose in their bloodstreams.
  • It is a fatal disease if untreated.
  • The early warning signs for T1D can be identified using the four Ts:
    • Thirsty - Do you experience extreme thirst for long periods of time?
    • Toilet - Are you needing to go to the toilet frequently?
    • Tired - Do you feel more tired than usual?
    • Thinner - Have you experienced rapid weight loss?

You may have never met someone with Type 1 Diabetes, or maybe you have but you haven’t truly understood how life-changing this disease is for those who are diagnosed. However, with the work of JDRF Australia, Type 1 Diabetics have seen and continue to experience tremendous improvements in technology and support that make this disease more manageable.

We encourage you to find out more information about JDRF Australia and T1D by visiting jdrf.org.au