Our Mission

We are passionate about providing you with only the best. But we also see the importance of giving back to our community and those in need. This means we are committed to donating $1 from EVERY product sold to a selected charity, so you can feel confident in knowing that your purchases will directly and positively impact those who need our help.

It’s as simple as that… so start shopping now!

Who do we support?

At Sozo Australia, we donate to not just one cause, but a range of charities. We are determined to be globally sensitive, meaning we are always looking for where there is need in our world. The charities that we choose to support will change and be dependent on the evolving needs in our local and worldwide communities. 

For the months of July, August and September, we are proud and honoured to be supporting the work of A21, which is an international not for profit organisation that is fighting to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. Human trafficking is a crisis taking place across the world, including right here in Australia.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings and it involves the exploitation of people, who are vulnerable, for their labour and bodies. It is a $150 billion-dollar industry with an estimated 40.3 million people who are enslaved.

A21 works to rescue victims, restore the lives of these victims by setting them up for a safe and successful life, and they also work to educate people around the world about how to identify and stop human trafficking.

We are grateful for your support as we help and join together with A21 in their fight to abolish slavery. We encourage you to find out more about A21 and their work at https://www.a21.org.

Supporting A21