10 Haircare Tips for Healthy Hair When Travelling

10 Haircare Tips for Healthy Hair When Travelling

Travelling or going on holidays is always exciting for those of us who enjoy visiting new places or simply stepping away from the routines of life. We all know taking holidays is a great way to rest and recharge, while also experiencing and seeing more of the world. But often, our skin and hair can suffer when we’re on the go. When you’ve made the investment in high quality, all-natural haircare products and you commit to practising good hair habits, you absolutely don’t want to sacrifice your scalp and hair health simply because you’re travelling. So, here are ten haircare tips you can implement when travelling to maintain your healthiest scalp and hair.

1. Determine how much product you will need & invest in travel size haircare

We all know travelling with your full-size haircare products can be difficult when you have limited space and weight available in your suitcases, and if you’re someone who enjoys travel that doesn’t involve flying, like camping, boating or caravanning, your space is even more limited.

Although many hotels provide you with complementary hair products and toiletries, it is vital you continue to use your own natural haircare products if you want to maintain good hair health. This means your best option is to invest in a hair travel kit that contains travel size shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

If you’re unsure about how much product you will actually use and need when travelling, the best advice we can give you is to think about how long your trip is and, roughly, how many times you believe you’ll need to wash your hair, depending on your activities and plans. We all use varying amounts of product when we wash our hair, which is normal and to be expected. However, it is helpful to remember that we’ve found the average person uses approximately 10ml of our shampoo, conditioner or hair mask when washing. So, when you know this and how many times you will need to wash your hair, you can plan ahead and invest in the right number of shampoo and conditioner travel size products.

To help you easily maintain your healthy hair when travelling, we’ve taken our Sozo Hair Health products and packaged them into our 60ml Take Me With You Hair Health tubes. With these 60ml tubes, you can get anywhere from 5-8 washes per tube for your trip, depending on your hair type and length. If you know you use more shampoo, for example, we also have our Take Me With You Hair Health bundles that are made up of multiple travel size products so you can purchase the travel kit that meets your hair needs for your trip.

2. Pack your travel size haircare in your carry-on luggage

There is nothing worse than losing your luggage when arriving at your destination and not having your essentials. The best way to avoid this pain is to pack your travel size haircare products, along with any essential toiletries or skincare items, in your carry-on luggage. To be extra cautious, you could even pack a change of clothes in your carry-on if you are left without your suitcase.

The most important thing you need to remember about packing haircare and liquid products in your carry-on is that products over 100ml are often not allowed in your carry-on bag, so keep this in mind when you go to purchase your travel size haircare. Because our Take Me With You Hair Health products are 60ml tubes, you can absolutely take your haircare on the flight and also avoid any annoying leaks that often occur with small bottles.

Not only is keeping your haircare in your carry-on great for any delayed or lost luggage, but you will also be able to have easy access to your products when you arrive at your destination, meaning you won’t have to dig through all your large suitcases to find the few beauty and haircare products you need after travelling.

3. Maintain a consistent haircare routine

Even though your routines look very different when travelling or on holidays, it is still vital to follow your consistent haircare routine to ensure your scalp and hair are receiving the proper nourishment. As we’ve just discussed, investing in travel size hair products is the most important first step in caring for your hair and maintaining your haircare routine when travelling. However, your hair habits also play a significant role.

When it comes to hair habits, don’t forget the importance of protecting your hair from as much heat damage as possible and also washing your hair regularly. Whenever possible, try not to rely on products like dry shampoo to get longer between washes even if it is more convenient when travelling. Removing product and oil build up to allow our scalp’s sebum (oil) to flow naturally is an essential part in experiencing a healthy scalp and hair.

It is also important to be aware of your hairstyles. Try to avoid extremely tight hairstyles or anything that can cause breakage or damage to your hair.

4. Plan your pre-flight hair wash and style

If you do have long travel days or flights involved in your holiday, try to plan in advance your hair washes. You might be someone who enjoys freshly washed, blow dried and styled hair before leaving for your trip so your hair is ready when you arrive. Perhaps, you’re someone who prefers to wear their hair in a soft braid for ease and comfort when flying to keep your hair controlled and out of the way. Whatever you find is best for you, be sure to plan in advance so you can enjoy clean, healthy hair.

5. Plan your hair appointments in advance

Not only is it helpful to plan when you’ll want to wash your hair before and after your travel days, but you should also think about your hair appointments in the lead up to your trip. If your hair needs a colour and cut, be sure to book in your appointment before you leave so you can enjoy fresh hair.

6. Don’t forget to pack your natural hair mask treatment

If you’re only going on a very short trip or holiday, you may not need to take a hair mask with you. However, for most holidays, we always recommend you take a hair mask treatment with you. Treatments like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, which you can purchase in our 60ml Take Me With You tubes, is great for travelling as it can be used in placed of conditioner for just a couple of minutes in the shower and will help to keep your hair hydrated, conditioned, repaired, protected, strengthened and shiny. Implementing a hair mask into your routine on a regular basis even when travelling is especially important if you’re swimming frequently on your holiday or if you’re exposed to extremely cold, dry weather that will leave your hair feeling frizzy and lacking hydration.

7. Invest in haircare formulated to protect against UV damage

Often holidays that involve warmer weather or lots of time exploring outside, can result in your hair experiencing UV damage. Just like our skin, our hair is also susceptible to being damaged by the sun. UV damage is known to cause many hair problems, including brittle hair due to protein loss, and even hair colour changes and fading. The best way to avoid this damage is to invest in all-natural haircare formulated to protect against UV. Our Sozo Hair Health range has been formulated with baobab seed extract to provide you with this protection so you can enjoy being outside without experiencing dry, brittle, damaged and limp hair. Ensuring you wear a hat is also a great and easy way to protect both your hair and skin from the sun when travelling and even in your daily routines at home.

8. Don’t forget to double shampoo

Double shampooing is such an effective way to clean and treat your scalp as the first shampoo removes the dirt, oil and product build up, while the second shampoo nourishes your scalp and hair. However, there are additional reasons that make double shampooing especially important when travelling. If you’re swimming on a regular basis, it is vital to double shampoo your scalp and hair to clean and repair after being exposed to all the chemicals. Double shampooing is also essential when you’re travelling and have to use a shower that has a different water pressure to what you are used to. Often water pressures and shower experiences differ depending on where you stay. So, if you have a shower head that is less powerful than what you’re used to, you may not experience a complete clean of your scalp. This is where double shampooing, massaging your scalp and rinsing thoroughly becomes extremely important in maintaining a clean, healthy scalp and hair.

9. Pack those extra hair accessories

No matter where we are, we all need hairbrushes designed for detangling and styling our specific hair types, so don’t forget to pack your Sozo Detangling Hairbrush and any other accessories you use on a regular basis to care for your hair. If you have the room in your luggage, you might also like to consider taking our Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel that you can use to dry off your hair before brushing. Of course, you can also blow dry or simply air dry your hair before brushing but using a microfibre towel is great for drying your hair without causing further breakage, as well as reducing frizz.

10. Will you need to take your own hairdryer?

Many hotels provide a hairdryer in your room, so you don’t need to use the limited space and weight in your luggage for your own hairdryer. However, often these hairdryers are not as powerful, which means it can take more time to completely dry and style your hair. With this is mind, think about what you need for your specific trip or holiday and whether it would be necessary to pack your own hairdryer or styling tools. If you were going on a business trip, for example, and you needed to keep your hair freshly washed and blow dried, then it would be worth packing your own hair dryer. This specific hair travel tip is just something to think about and keep in mind when you are travelling.


It’s easy to fall out of routine when you travel, which means your scalp and hair health can suffer greatly. But with the right preparations, you can maintain your healthiest hair wherever you go. Wherever you travel or like to holiday, be sure to plan ahead and pack the hair travel kit, products and accessories your specific hair requires so you can nourish your scalp and hair on a consistent and regular basis. With each of these ten simple yet effective hair travel tips, you can keep your hair healthy, hydrated, repaired and protected wherever life takes you.

Happy travelling!

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