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3 Natural ingredients you need in your hair products for shiny hair

We all want shiny hair that looks and feels amazing, right?! Hair that is thick, easy to style and has lots of shine is the dream, isn’t it? But if you suffer with hair that feels dry and damaged, and lacks any kind of shine, even though you’ve tried every haircare product and treatment under the sun, then you might be wondering how you actually achieve shiny, glossy hair.

Experiencing silky, smooth hair all comes down to the ingredients formulated in the hair products you’ve chosen to invest in. There are many, many natural ingredients that can increase the shine of your hair, but we want to share with you three natural haircare ingredients that you need in your hair products if you want shinier hair.

Argan oil

This first ingredient is loved and highly spoken about in the world of hair and beauty because argan oil is such an effective ingredient in improving your scalp and hair health. Argan oil is commonly recommended for and used by those of us who have dry, frizzy hair types. This is largely because it is known to be rich in vitamin E and carotene, as well as essential fatty acids. If you have hair that has been damaged by factors such as heat styling and colouring, this means, with argan oil, you can experience intense conditioning to your dry ends. Not only does argan oil condition for healthier hair, but it is also known to add lustre, shine and eliminate frizz.

Finger Lime Fruit Extract

Finger lime is a unique yet powerful haircare ingredient that may not be as well-recognised as an ingredient like argan oil, but its benefits are undeniable. Finger lime is the fruit of a rainforest tree that is found here in Australia, specifically in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Due to it being rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids, finger lime is known to provide a range of benefits for your hair health including smoothing and repairing damaged hair in order to enhance the overall shine of your hair. Plus, finger lime fruit extract will also provide moisture to both your scalp and hair bulb for healthier and silky smooth hair.

Hydrolysed Quinoa

The third ingredient you absolutely need in your haircare products is a naturally derived protein called hydrolysed quinoa. This is truly an all-rounder ingredient that provides a wide range of benefits. This protein is known to penetrate into the hair shaft and it also has film forming properties to protect your scalp and hair from factors such as environmental stress. Protecting against environmental factors and stress is essential as our hair can be so easily damaged and impacted by UV, pollution and other elements without us even knowing about this damage.

Hydrolysed quinoa is also unique to many other haircare ingredients because it can improve hair colour uptake, as well as enhance colour retention. Plus, it adds body to your hair for easier styling and, of course, it enhances shine for hair that looks and feels healthier.

How to get shiny, healthy hair naturally with these ingredients

Now we know more about these natural hair ingredients that are so effective in improving hair shine and the overall health of your scalp and hair, let’s talk about how you can experience the benefits of argan oil, finger lime and hydrolysed quinoa firsthand. After hearing about what these ingredients can do for your hair, it can be easy to assume you all have to do is go out, buy a jar of argan oil and apply it to your hair every day. But we don’t want you to fall into the trap of spending your time, money and energy on homemade haircare treatments that may not give you the full benefit you could be experiencing from these types of ingredients.

Using oils and raw natural ingredients at home may appear to be a more affordable option when trying to achieve shinier hair. But when you understand the importance of haircare formulations, you will see investing in hair products created with ingredients such as argan oil, finger lime and hydrolysed quinoa, will always be your most effective option. 

Although an ingredient has the potential to provide certain benefits, unless that ingredient is utilised and scientifically formulated at proven percentages within a haircare product, the ingredient can be limited in providing those benefits. What this means is that you may not experience noticeable results from homemade oils and treatments like you would if you used formulated haircare products. This means investing in scientifically formulated haircare products will help you maximise your time, money, energy and results. Although this is true, you must still be very intentional about which natural hair products you select for your scalp and hair. To be more specific, many products can contain a range of natural ingredients, but if these ingredients – that are proven to increase shine and enhance your hair health – are only found at the bottom of a product’s ingredient list, you can quickly identify that it’s unlikely you’ll experience the full potential of those ingredients. This is because ingredients are listed in descending order, meaning the ingredients at the top have been formulated at the highest percentage. So not only do you need to look for haircare products formulated with natural ingredients, but you also need to look for products that have utilised these ingredients at the scientifically proven percentages for you to experience maximum results.

Each of our Sozo Hair Health products have been made with carefully selected natural ingredients, including argan oil, finger lime and hydrolysed quinoa, that are proven to enhance your overall scalp and hair health, as well increase hair shine. With our Sozo Hair Health Ingredient Glossary, you can learn exactly what each and every ingredient does in our all-natural haircare.


Our scalp and hair health are, of course, impacted and influenced by many factors in addition to the natural haircare products we use in our routine. But if you’re looking to increase the shine and health of your hair, it’s essential to invest in products that contain ingredients like argan oil, finger lime fruit extract and davidson plum, as well as many others scientifically formulated and proven for shiny, glossy hair.

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