7 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage & Achieve Thicker Hair

7 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage & Achieve Thicker Hair

One of the most important factors to achieving the thick, healthy hair that we all dream of is preventing hair breakage and working to strengthen our hair, particularly our ends. Doing this involves investing in high quality, all-natural hair products, as well as being aware of our daily hair habits to ensure we’re caring for our hair in the best way possible. So, here are seven ways you can stop hair breakage and experience hair that looks and feels healthier. With our hair being so easily impacted by such a wide range of factors, it’s important we make small changes that we can practice every day in our routines as this is what will produce our greatest hair health results long term.

Dry your hair with a microfibre towel before brushing

Because it is most fragile when wet, it’s essential that you wrap your hair in a microfibre hair towel after washing, before you start brushing. Microfibre hair drying towels absorb excess water to speed up your drying time, plus they create less friction on the hair shaft which can help to reduce frizz. Our hair doesn’t have to be completely dry before we start to brush; however, removing that excess water will help to prevent further breakage when brushing.

Investing in and regularly using a hair turban or microfibre towel is such an easy step to incorporate into your haircare routine as all you have to do is simply wrap your hair after washing, then you can continue with your beauty or post-shower routine. 

Very soon, Sozo Australia is launching a unique bamboo microfibre blend hair towel to assist with drying while protecting your hair so click here if you’d like to be the first to try our brand-new product.

Use a detangling brush

Not only is it vital that you dry off your hair before brushing, but you must also ensure that you’re using the right detangling brush for your hair. Using the wrong brush can cause more breakage, friction and frizz. So always ensure the bristles on your brush allow for easy gliding and brushing through your hair to detangle knots without pulling or breaking hair.

Also launching very soon into our Sozo Hair Health range is our detangling brush for wet hair that is designed for all hair types. Become a Sozo VIP to secure your own detangling brush and experience easier brushing with less breakage.

Brush your ends first

The type of brush you use is essential, but you must also be aware of the fact that hair breakage can occur if you’re not using enough care when detangling your hair. You will always be able to manage your knots most effectively if you start brushing your ends first, then slowly work your way up to your roots.

Use soft hair ties, scrunchies and non-damaging hair accessories

Our hair is exposed to so much damage on a regular basis, including our hair styling choices. Often our hairstyles, elastic bands and other accessories can put tension and stress on the hair, which can then lead to breakage. This is why, if you want to experience thick, healthy hair, you must also be aware of how you’re styling your hair. Make a conscious effort to use soft silk scrunchies and accessories that don’t pull your hair instead of using tight elastic bands. You’ll also promote healthier hair if you avoid doing very tight hairstyles that pull your hair from your scalp on a regular basis. Of course, we all love a slicked back look, but it’s important to choose hairstyles that are not putting extra stress on your hair every day.

Make wise hair colour decisions

It’s safe to say that many of us rely on getting our hair coloured on a regular basis. However, hair colouring can expose us to significant breakage and damage, which is why you must make wise colour choices and consult a hairdresser you know and trust. Making dramatic colour changes without proper planning or skill can leave your hair looking and feeling very damaged, brittle, thin and spiny. Take the time to find out the best options for your hair and colour so you can enjoy colouring without suffering these negative consequences.

Protect against heat damage

Consistent exposure to extreme heat and heated styling tools is most definitely a very common cause of hair breakage. Heated styling tools provide us with great flexibility to achieve almost any hairstyle but, as we all know, heat can significantly impact the health of our hair. This is why if you’re committed to enhancing your hair health, you must limit how often you use heated styling tools. Plus, you must also ensure you’re using heat protection before styling. Many heat protectants contain harsh chemicals and hidden nasties. But with an all-natural, silicone free hair product like our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum, you can protect your hair from heat without weighing your hair down.

Use a weekly hair treatment for hair breakage

As we know, there are many causes for hair breakage and poor hair health. How we manage, care for and style our hair is vital to the long-term condition of our hair. But we must not forget about the importance of investing in a weekly, natural hair mask treatment. Alongside practicing good daily hair habits, using an intense treatment that contains all-natural ingredients proven to repair, protect, condition, hydrate and strengthen will allow you to experience healthier, stronger and shinier hair.

Many hair breakage treatments and masks are known to contain silicones and other ingredients that are not natural as they often make our hair feel softer and give us the illusion our hair is, in fact, healthier. However, over time, silicones can build up and leave you with brittle hair in the long term. This is why investing in an all-natural hair mask, like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, is essential so you can deeply nourish your hair with natural ingredients proven to strengthen, condition and repair damage. With a product like our Hair Health Mask, you can apply it generously to both your scalp and hair, in place of conditioner, and leave it to absorb for just a couple of minutes or for up to 30 minutes as a longer treatment.


Stopping hair breakage to achieve healthier hair is all about assessing your current haircare routine and habits in order to identify what exactly is resulting in damage to your hair. Although making small adjustments to your hair habits and daily routines may seem insignificant, they each play a vital role in promoting and supporting healthy hair. Your haircare products also play an important role in ensuring your hair is being nourished regularly so you can experience strong, thick hair. Hair health is a long-term journey, which means improvements in your hair won’t occur immediately, but you will see the improvements with time and consistency.

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