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How to achieve healthy hair in 2023

For many of us, starting a new year means setting new goals and implementing new habits. We all have aspirations for our health, daily routines, eating habits, work… the list goes on. But if one of your goals or desires for this year is to achieve truly heathy hair, then let’s break down all the things that are IN and OUT for improving your scalp and hair health in 2023. Achieving healthy hair at home does not need to be complicated or expensive. But you do need high quality haircare products, consistency and good daily hair habits. So, let’s discuss what is really going to help you to transform your hair and what hair habits need to be left behind.

What is IN for 2023 – The Healthy Hair Trends & Tips You Need To Be Implementing

Heatless hairstyling, big, bouncy hair & velcro rollers

With the rise of heatless hairstyles and hair trends like creating curls with a spare pair of leggings in 2022, there is no doubt that big bouncy hair without the heat exposure is most definitely in for 2023. All thanks to the endlessly evolving hair trends on social media, new and innovative ways to style and care for your hair are constantly being shared for all hair lovers to try for themselves.

Although they’re not new to the styling world, velcro rollers are also in for 2023 to help us achieve big, bouncy hairstyles. Everyone wants volume, volume and more volume in their hair and velcro rollers are a much-loved way of adding bounce and lifting your roots. Once again, velcro rollers are another heatless yet very effective styling tool, so of course 2023 is all about utilising the best hair tips, hacks and accessories that can give us hair that is healthy, thick and bouncy without having to experience any of the heat damage. 

Cleaning our hairbrushes regularly

It is one of the simplest hair tips that you can implement at home, yet it is so often forgotten. Cleaning our hairbrushes regularly ensures we’re removing all the hair and product build up that accumulates over time. This is one essential task that will help to maintain a healthy, clean scalp because when we brush our hair after washing with dirty brushes, we’re actually allowing all that product build up to run through our clean hair and scalp.

For the best results, all you need is to remove the hair caught in your brushes and give them a quick wash with shampoo if you can see an accumulation of product residue.

Investing in all-natural haircare

If you want to achieve healthy hair at home and experience healthy hair growth, you need to be investing in all-natural haircare products scientifically formulated with proven ingredients. Many traditional and chemical based products can make our hair feel somewhat healthy. However, all-natural hair products like our Sozo Hair Health range will improve the overall health of your scalp and hair in the short term for hair that is healthy and easy to manage for many years to come.

You and your hair deserve only the best natural ingredients so you can experience the very best results for your time, money and energy invested. When you commit to using high quality, natural products, you can see enhanced results with a simplified haircare routine.

Weekly hair masks and treatments

Implementing regular and consistent hair mask treatments will ensure your hair is repaired, strengthened, shiny and protected. Not only is using a natural hair mask at least once a week a vital way to improve and maintain the health of your hair, but with a product like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, you will also give your scalp the nourishment it needs to feel conditioned and healthy. This means hair treatments are a non-negotiable in 2023.

Focusing on your scalp health

Although this may seem obvious, your scalp truly is the key to maintaining your hair health and growth. If you suffer with a lot of split ends, breakage and, generally, dry, damaged hair, it is easy to focus on repairing and protecting your ends. But by giving your scalp the adequate nourishment and hydration, as well as by keeping it clean, you can encourage and allow for hair growth.

Keeping your scalp healthy is not only about the products you use but also the products you do not use. Many hair and styling products that are applied and left on your scalp for days can interfere with your scalp’s natural sebum (oil) flow. This means it is best to limit products containing harsh chemicals as much as possible and focus on not only shampooing your scalp efficiently but also applying conditioner and treatments regularly. This is particularly important if you suffer with dry, itchy or flaky scalp conditions.

UV protection

Education and awareness about protecting our skin from UV damage continues to grow, especially here in Australia. But did you realise our hair can also suffer greatly from exposure to the sun? When our hair becomes damaged from UV, it can feel dry, limp and difficult to keep healthy in the long term. This is why you must be using haircare products formulated with ingredients proven to protect your scalp and hair against UV damage. Our Sozo Hair Health products, for example, contain baobab seed extract and hydrolysed quinoa to provide protection again UV and environmental damage.

What is OUT for 2023 – Say Goodbye To These Habits To Enhance Your Scalp & Hair Health

Now that we’ve looked at all we need to be doing in 2023, it’s time to wave goodbye to the habits and hair mistakes that are causing poor hair health.

Using haircare containing sulphates, parabens and silicones

Commonly, most haircare products contain ingredients like sulphates, parabens and silicones. However, these types of ingredients can have negative impacts on your scalp and hair in the long term. Although chemical based products can give us the illusion that our hair feels healthy, especially products that contain silicones which leave your hair feeling soft, they are not truly beneficial for your hair health now and into the future.

Specifically, silicones are known to coat your hair which can, after long term exposure, cause brittle, unhealthy hair. The build-up and coating silicones create can prevent other ingredients (known to hydrate, repair and condition your hair) from completely absorbing to your hair. This means that although silicones can leave your hair silky soft immediately after applying, your overall hair health can suffer long term.

Sulphates is another very common ingredient found in most shampoos, as they create that lather and foaming experience; however, these are known to dry out your hair and strip your natural oils with continued use and exposure. By eliminating hair products formulated with these ingredients and by investing in all-natural haircare, you will see and feel the difference in your hair health.

Using dry shampoo instead of washing

Dry shampoo acts as a great and convenient option when trying to reduce oil and get longer between hair washes. However, because their main purpose is to absorb your scalp’s oil, they can also clog your pores and stop your sebum (oil) to flow naturally, which, as we’ve already discussed, will impact your scalp health.

Knowing this, it is best to limit excessive use and constant reliance on dry shampoo, especially if you’re consistently reapplying to extend a hair wash. If you want truly healthy hair, you need to be able to keep your scalp clean, which involves regular washes.

Using homemade hair treatments and raw ingredients

Applying raw ingredients and making hair treatments at home may seem to be a more affordable option, and, sometimes, it is. However, the benefits you experience from these types of treatments is very limited because ingredients are most effective for our hair when they’ve been scientifically formulated at proven percentages. So, considering the time and energy needed to apply raw ingredient and self-made treatments that produce very limited results, your best and most effective option is to do your research and invest in a high-quality hair mask treatment you can use consistently.

Avoid last minute hair colour changes

Without the proper care and without a hairdresser you know and trust, colouring your hair can cause great damage. Especially if you decide to make rapid and drastic colour changes without sufficient planning from your hairdresser, your hair can experience severe damage. This means, in 2023, dramatic and damaging colour changes are OUT!

Of course, you can still have hair that is both healthy and coloured, but you must be intentional and wise with each colour appointment and decision.

Damaging our hair with too much heat styling

As we all know and have already discussed, constant exposure to heat and heated styling tools can leave our hair dry and damaged. The very best way to stop heat damage is to limit your use and exposure to hot tools; however, we know this is unrealistic for many of us, so using products with heat protection is the best way to style without causing unnecessary damage.


With intentional hair habits and choices, you can experience your healthiest scalp and hair. Each and every person faces unique hair challenges, so take the time to find out and commit to what gives you the best results. When you invest in the right all-natural haircare and practice good hair habits every day, achieving healthy hair does not have to be complicated. Always remember to focus on your scalp health, give your hair what it needs to thrive and limit damage wherever possible in your haircare routine.

If you’re ready for 2023 to be the year you finally achieve the hair you’ve always wanted, then now is your time to take action. What changes in your routine do you need to make?

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