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What to expect when switching to natural haircare products

Each and every haircare product in the market is unique, which means it can often be very difficult to know what is going to provide you with your best results, especially when you’ve tried a range of different products in the past and have not seen positive changes in your scalp and hair health. Not only does every product provide unique benefits, haircare products have all been designed and formulated to be used in very specific ways to achieve certain results. This is especially the case when comparing natural haircare and traditional, chemical-based products.

The point is, we understand that researching and choosing to invest in new a haircare range can be confusing, so let’s break down all that you can expect to experience when you make the switch to our Australian made, all-natural haircare. Understanding how to use natural haircare products effectively to see real results is vital, so let’s also talk about how you can set yourself up for your best results possible and how you can improve the health of your scalp and hair.

What you need to know about our Australian haircare

1. Our shampoo, conditioner and hair mask are nourishing yet lightweight for all hair types

We know that we all have unique scalp and hair health needs and struggles, so that’s why we’ve formulated our Sozo Hair Health products to be nourishing while also remaining lightweight so that both thick and fine hair types can enjoy healthy, voluminous hair without feeling heavy, greasy or weighed down. Depending on your specific hair type, you can utilise our natural haircare products to meet your specific hair type and needs. For example, if you have very thick, course, damaged or frizzy hair that is prone to knotting and breakage, you might like to implement our Hair Health Mask into your haircare routine more often than once a week in place of conditioner. By doing this, your hair would receive a more intense treatment on a regular basis with the goal of experiencing healthy, repaired and shinier hair. While others with very thin, soft, limp or fine hair types may only need to apply a hair mask about once a week and, instead, use our conditioner more often to experience as much body and volume as possible.

2. Your scalp’s oil may need time to regulate

 If you’ve used traditional, chemical based haircare in the past, or regularly apply products like dry shampoo that can interfere with your scalp’s oil flow, often it is normal for your scalp to need time to regulate and normalise when you switch to natural haircare products. Because all-natural haircare like our Sozo Hair Health allows your scalp’s sebum to flow naturally, often changes in your scalp’s oil can occur when you stop using products that interfere with your scalp and products that clog your hair follicles. Removing any dirt, oil and product build up is essential to regulating your scalp’s sebum for, ultimately, a healthier scalp and hair. So, don’t be alarmed if your scalp’s oil changes. Simply remain consistent with your regular hair washing routine and your scalp will normalise with time.

3. It is okay to lose that silky soft feeling initially if you’ve used silicone-based products in the past

Silicones are known to coat your hair to give you that instantly silky and soft feeling in your hair, but they are also known to create a build-up which can prevent your hair from completely absorbing other ingredients. Therefore, your hair is not able to remain hydrated, healthy or strong long term. This is why it is essential to invest in chemical and silicone free hair products like our Sozo Hair Health. When you do switch to our Australian, natural hair products or any silicone free haircare, it is important to know your hair may not feel as instantly silky immediately after washing, until you’re able to remove the build-up of silicones and allow our all-natural ingredients to repair your hair. This process takes time and consistency, but your scalp and hair will remain healthier in the long term as your hair is receiving the proper nourishment.

4. We do not use perfumes in our Australian made hair products 

There is nothing more annoying than discovering that an ‘all-natural’ haircare product contains perfumes! Yes, the smell and scent of a hair product is important, but we do not believe in using perfumes and fragrances in our all-natural formulas. That’s why we’ve chosen lavender oil for our shampoo and conditioner to provide you with a fresh, lavender scent when washing your hair, and we’ve also formulated coconut oil into our hair mask for a summer, holiday scent experience.

How to get your best haircare results

1. Double shampoo for a cleaner, healthier scalp

Double shampooing is an essential part to ensuring you completely remove all dirt, oil and product build up from your scalp regularly, especially if you use a lot of styling products. It’s also important that you apply our shampoo generously when you make the switch to Sozo. Often, shampoos containing sulphates will dry out and strip your hair over time. However, our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo has been formulated with sulphate free surfactants to help you clean without stripping. This means, you can and should be using our shampoo generously to achieve a rich lather and foam every time you wash.

2. Apply our Hair Health Conditioner and Mask generously 

Don’t be afraid to apply our conditioner and hair mask generously to both your scalp and hair when you invest in our Sozo Hair Health. As we’ve already discussed, if you’ve used chemical or silicone-based products in the past, your hair will need time and nourishment to feel hydrated and repaired. So, be sure to apply generously to give your hair the proper nourishment.

Despite the common belief that conditioners should never been applied to your scalp, with the right natural haircare product, you can use conditioner on your scalp to keep it healthy and to, ultimately, regulate its oil flow. Without the proper hydration, your scalp can suffer. As we discussed earlier, our Sozo Hair Health products are formulated to be nourishing while also remaining lightweight, so your scalp won’t feel greasy after applying conditioner.

3. Wash your hair about 2 to 3 times a week

We all have unique hair needs, but generally, you should be washing at least 2 to 3 times a week to ensure you’re cleaning your scalp consistently and regularly nourishing your hair. Often, if you wait too long between hair washes, product builds up and you’re more likely to use products like dry shampoo to manage your scalp’s oil, but this is not what you want to do. Your scalp’s sebum needs to be regulated to produce normal amounts of oil to keep your scalp and your hair healthy. Once again, we all have different scalp types and routines, so always remember that if your hair is feeling oily, if you’ve been swimming, or if you’ve been exercising and sweating, it is essential to wash regularly, especially when you’re using a chemical and sulphate free shampoo and hair products.

4. Avoid chemical-based styling products

Unfortunately, many hair styling products are heavily chemical-based, so be sure to research and understand every product you put on your scalp and hair as regular use of chemical-based products can limit your results with our natural haircare products. As we’ve just discussed, any leave in product that is designed to interfere with your scalp’s sebum, especially products like dry shampoo, should be limited or avoided as much as possible in your haircare routine to allow your scalp to remain healthy and hydrated.

5. Use our Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask together

Although many of us like to mix and match haircare products and try new things, you really will experience your very best results when you commit to using our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask together. They have been scientifically formulated to work alongside one another and enhance their overall performance to help you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair. That is why we’ve created our Sozo Hair Health discounted bundles, allowing you to save up to 15% off on our natural hair products simply by purchasing them in our bundles.

What our natural haircare products can do for your scalp and hair

When you set yourself up for your best hair health results, you can expect to experience hair that is:

  • Healthy, hydrated, moisturised and conditioned
  • Repaired and protected
  • Shiny and strengthened
  • Free from frizz
  • Thick, more voluminous and easier to style
  • As well as a scalp that is soothed and conditioned

All of this is achieved with the scientifically proven natural ingredients that have been formulated into our Sozo Hair Health. To learn more about exactly what role each ingredient plays, you can read our Ingredient Glossary.


When investing in all-natural haircare like our Sozo Hair Health, it is important to understand how it differs from most traditional products that contain chemicals. Ensuring you follow these tips, take note of the changes to your hair and consistently use our Sozo Hair Health, you can and will feel your scalp and hair transform. If you have any questions about our Australian natural hair products, be sure to let us know here so we can take the journey to achieving your healthiest scalp and hair together.

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  • Tanya

    My 20 year old daughter is experiencing large amounts of hair loss. At this point we aren’t sure why this is happening and our doctor is looking into. So I thought I would do some research on products. Does your product create new hair growth?

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