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3 Tips for Using Your Natural Hair Serum for Heat Protection

If you love to style your hair using heat, you understand first-hand the damage that can result from consistent styling when you don’t use some type of heat protection. As much as we love the hairstyles that can be achieved with heat, curling wands and hair straighteners, we must ensure we always take the necessary steps to enjoy heated styling without putting our hair health at risk. No one wants dry, brittle, thin, spiny ends or hair breakage caused by regular heat exposure, so let’s discuss exactly how you can utilise an all-natural hair serum to enjoy healthy hair even when using heat and styling your hair. 

Choosing your heat protection serum

There’s an endless number of heat protection hair products you can choose. But unfortunately, many products and heat protectant sprays can leave your hair feeling sticky or unhealthy and often don’t contain natural ingredients. So, if you’ve been disappointed in the past by heat protectants and don’t want to use traditional products or sprays, what is your best option? Well, let’s talk about all-natural hair serums and oils. Many products rely on silicones and ingredients that are not natural to provide heat protection for hair. However, there’s a range of natural oils that are known and proven to help protect hair from heat damage, which means hairsprays are not your only option.

With an all-natural, silicone free hair oil, like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum, you can help to protect while also nourishing, strengthening and smoothing your hair. This means you can enjoy healthy, protected and shiny hair without having to expose yourself to any chemicals or ingredients used in hairsprays that can leave your hair feeling sticky or difficult to style.

Some of the natural oils that are known to help protect against the damaging effects of heated styling tools are grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil. All of these ingredients, alongside many others, have been formulated into our Scalp & Hair Health Serum. These types of ingredients are known to help protect from heat by having film forming properties and also by sealing in moisture to protect the hair shaft during heated styling.

If you’ve tried hair oils or serums in the past and have been left with limp, greasy looking hair, or you have thin, fine hair, you’re probably reluctant to use an oil in your routine. And yes, many oils can be too heavy for styling. However, when formulated and used correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of natural oils and ingredients without weighing your hair down. Specifically, in our Scalp & Hair Health Serum, we have formulated, as the first ingredient, a natural oil emollient that is proven to be ultra-lightweight and is used as an alternative to silicones, to provide you with a non-greasy hair oil that protects, as well as nourishes, strengthens, helps to smooth frizz and increases shine. With new haircare ingredients and technology like this, you don’t have to rely on traditional heat protectants. You can enjoy healthy hair even when styling with heat. Plus, with a lightweight formula, you can apply our serum to both damp and dry hair before styling.

To experience your very best results with a hair oil like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum, let’s now discuss three tips that are important to remember and implement when it’s time to style your hair. Hair oils and serums are unique to many traditional aerosol hairsprays that offer heat protection. So, here’s what you need to keep in mind when you apply your hair serum to your damp hair before blow drying and styling.

1. Less is more

Your best results are determined by the application and use of your heat protection hair serum. The first and most important tip to remember is less is more. With any oil-based product, it’s vital you start by applying a small amount first, then gradually adding more to your hair as you need it. Your application amount will depend on your hair thickness and type. Using less and gradually increasing your application will always help you to ensure you’re not too heavy handed, which can make your hair feel slightly oily. For thicker hair types, it’s very normal to apply a product like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum more generously than what would be suitable for thin and fine hair. This means the perfect application for you will be determined by your hair type and thickness. Even though many of us with fine or thin hair struggle with oils and serums, with an ultra-lightweight product like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum all hair types can enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients without making your hair too greasy. So, for your best results, take the time to experiment and find the perfect application for your hair.

2. Apply and massage your serum into your ends, not your scalp

For styling and heat protection purposes, you want to focus on applying and gently massaging your hair oil into the ends of your hair, as opposed to applying directly to your roots and scalp. This is because, firstly, your heated styling tools like curling wands and straighteners are used for styling your hair, not your scalp or roots. Of course, blow driers expose your scalp to low levels of heat if you’re focusing on adding more volume at the roots. However, the greatest damage and heat exposure occurs on your ends. This is why it’s essential to protect your hair and prevent thin, spiny and brittle ends.

Using your heat protection serum on your ends and avoiding directly applying it to your scalp is also vital for any oil-based product. We’ve just discussed the importance of less is more with hair serums in order to get your best results and stop your hair from feeling oily. Well, focusing on your ends will also enable you to enjoy our Scalp & Hair Health Serum without any oily residue on your scalp. Plus, we already know that our scalps naturally produce sebum (oil) which is why it’s best to use hair serums only on your ends when styling. Scalp and hair oiling and oil treatments are very beneficial for your overall scalp and hair health, so we will discuss this shortly. But for styling purposes, always focus on applying heat protection to your ends.

3. Gently brush your hair for an even application

After you’ve applied your serum and gently massaged it into your ends with your fingers, you can also take a detangling brush and slowly brush the product through your hair. This can assist with evenly distributing your hair oil to provide as much protection as possible. But always remember to take care when brushing to avoid unnecessary pulling or potential breakage. Starting at your ends then working your way up to your roots is an important brushing technique to remember whenever you brush your hair.

Use Your Natural Hair Serum for Prewash Hair Oiling Treatments

Many hair products are formulated strictly for styling purposes, or exclusively as treatment products. However, our Scalp & Hair Health Serum has been created not only to help protect from heat damage, increase shine and smooth frizz but also to nourish both your scalp and hair through prewash oil treatments. With ingredients like rosemary oil, argan oil, beetroot extract, macadamia seed oil and more, our hair serum should be applied at least once a week to help encourage healthy hair growth, reduce inflammation, soothe and condition your scalp, as well as nourish, hydrate and strengthen your hair. With regular hair oiling treatments, you can enhance your scalp and hair health to experience stronger and healthier hair long term, so you can still enjoy heated styling tools in your haircare routine (within balance, of course)

Implementing a weekly hair mask is also effective in promoting a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth, as well as repairing, conditioning, smoothing and strengthening your hair. Our Sozo Hair Health Mask can be used in place of conditioner to help you achieve and maintain strong, shiny hair for many years to come, especially if you’re consistently exposing your hair to heat.


Protecting your hair when using heated styling tools is an essential element of your haircare routine and will allow you to enjoy your favourite styles without the extreme damage. Of course, we must always be aware of our heat exposure and limit excessive heat whenever possible in order to maintain our healthiest hair. But with a natural hair protection serum, you can experience strong healthy hair even when styling. For your very best results, don’t forget about the importance of applying small amounts of your hair oil or serum to your ends first, then apply more as needed and gently brush through for an even application. The products we use to protect our hair when styling can have a great impact on our overall hair health. But the condition of our hair is also dependent on our entire haircare routine, so don’t forget about the importance of investing in all-natural haircare, prewash oil treatments, as well as a weekly hair mask.

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