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3 Must-Haves for Your All-Natural, Healthy Hair Transformation

Achieving healthy hair doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming. There is a never-ending list of hair tips, hacks and tutorials available online that are all aimed at helping you achieve healthier hair, and with so much information to put into practice, it can become confusing. It can be difficult to know what will genuinely give your very best results long term so you can experience healthier hair not just now, but for many years to come. How we treat and care for our hair now directly impacts the health of our scalp and hair in the coming years, especially as we all experience the effects of ageing, regardless of the stage of life we are in currently.

So, if you want to transform your hair naturally and experience your healthiest scalp and hair possible, when we really break it down, there are just three key areas that you need to focus on and prioritise. By simplifying your haircare routine and filtering all healthy hair tips into these three key areas, you can actively focus on meeting and addressing your scalp and hair health needs to guarantee your very best results. These three tips to achieving truly healthy hair are investing in the right all-natural haircare products, practicing healthy hair habits every day and, finally, prioritising your physical health, as well as a balanced diet. Let’s break down everything you need to know about how these three areas determine your scalp and hair health long term.

1. Healthy haircare products

Of course, we all know that haircare products play a significant role in the health of our hair. This isn’t news to any of us, but it is vital to take a closer look at the products you’re currently using in your haircare routine. So often, we use products that aren’t genuinely meeting our scalp and hair needs, or we assume we’re using the best haircare available because they’re described with words like ‘salon quality’. But unless you take the time to understand how your products have been created to meet your specific hair concerns and needs, and feel confident about the ingredients inside each product within your routine, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using haircare that is not truly supporting your healthiest scalp and hair long term. Many traditional and chemical based products can make our hair feel good in the short term but can also negatively impact our hair long term with consistent use.

To support your best results, you need to invest in all-natural haircare products that are free from harsh chemicals and are formulated to enhance your overall scalp and hair health, instead of products that are only formulated to target one single hair concern. The problem is, many natural products don’t give our hair what it really needs to thrive. So, in order to support a conditioned scalp, healthy hair growth, as well as strong, shiny healthy hair that is easy to style and manage, you want your haircare products and routine to:

  • Effectively clean your scalp to ensure all dirt, oil and product build up is removed regularly without stripping or drying your scalp and hair.
  • Soothe, condition and reduce inflammation on your scalp to avoid scalp irritations.
  • Stimulate your scalp and increase circulation to your hair follicles to support growth.
  • Hydrate, moisturise and condition your hair to keep it healthy.
  • Strengthen, repair and protect your hair to prevent breakage and damage caused by styling, hair colouring, UV exposure and other external factors.
  • Nourish your hair without weighing it down, creating a build up or leaving your hair feeling greasy, so you can enjoy healthy, voluminous hair that is easy to style.

Our Sozo Hair Health products have been intentionally formulated to enhance both your scalp and hair health, meeting all your hair health concerns for your very best results, without the use of harsh chemicals or hidden nasties. Many natural products fail to clean effectively, or they leave your feeling dry and not nourished. But our Australian made haircare has been formulated with sulphate free surfactants, silicone alternatives and natural oils, ingredients and extracts proven to help you achieve and maintain a clean, healthy scalp and nourished hair. This means, when you understand how to correctly use and apply our all-natural, healthy haircare products, you can experience more enhanced results than traditional and chemical based products.

Every haircare routine will look slightly different because we all have unique needs. But it is important that you create a routine that you can commit to because your best results will come with long term and consistent use of your products. As a key starting point, you need an all-natural shampoo and conditioner for your regular washes, which we all already know and understand is essential. Then, selecting a treatment product to use alongside your shampoo and conditioner is going to be especially effective and important for addressing dry, damaged, thin hair, as well as maintaining strong, healthy hair long term. A weekly hair mask, like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, will deeply nourish both your scalp and hair and can be implemented easily into your routine by using it in place of conditioner after shampooing. Alternatively, you may consider a hair oil or serum for your routine. Our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum can not only be used for prewash oil treatments to enhance your scalp and hair health, but it can also be used for styling purposes and heat protection because it is a lightweight oil formula. For your greatest results possible, you can utilise both a hair mask and serum in your routine, depending on your needs.

Choosing the right haircare products may seem like an obvious solution to unhealthy hair. But you must take the time to carefully select and ensure that you’re investing in the products that are proven to provide your best results long term. Although using healthy haircare products is absolutely essential, unless we also focus on our daily hair habits and physical health, our results will be limited.

2. Daily hair habits & routines

Our daily hair habits may seem small and insignificant at times, but they play a key role in the performance of our haircare products. We can’t expect our hair to transform with our healthy hair products if we are not intentional when brushing, styling and caring for our hair. Everything we do to and with our hair can leave it exposed to damage. But with small changes and by simply being aware of your daily hair habits, you can support your healthiest hair to see more enhanced results from your products. Here are some of the most important habits to keep in mind that are easily to implement:

  • Use a detangling brush after washing and when your hair is matted or knotted.
  • Always start with your ends when brushing and only brush in small sections to detangle knots before making your way up to your roots.
  • Don’t brush your hair when wet immediately after washing. Instead dry your hair off with a microfibre hair towel. Our Sozo Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel not only absorbs water quickly but can also promote smoother hair and reduce breakage as it creates less friction to the hair shaft. Plus, it is lightweight so you can wear it while doing your post shower routine.
  • Massage your scalp daily to increase circulation and blood flow to your hair follicles which is known to help promote hair growth. When massaging, be sure to apply pressure and gently use your fingertips or palms to massage the scalp. You do not want to be simply moving your hair around. You want to move and massage the skin on your scalp to increase circulation.
  • Avoid excessive heat exposure when styling. Use low to medium heat settings and limit how often you use heat to style.
  • Avoid regular use of dry shampoo and other leave in products that can interfere with your scalp and hair health or create a build up.
  • Choose soft scrunchies, elastics and hairstyles that do not damage or create hair breakage.
  • Wash your hair regularly and according to your specific scalp and hair type to prevent a build up of dirt, oil and styling products that can negatively affect your scalp health.

When you’re able to limit hair damage and breakage as much as possible, we well as protect and nourish your hair, you will be able to truly enhance your scalp and hair health. But for a complete all-natural healthy hair transformation, you must not forget about the role our physical health and diet can play on our hair health, growth and loss.

3. Prioritise good physical health & a balanced diet

Our physical health, bodies, stress, illnesses and diet can all impact the condition of our hair, as well our overall hair loss and growth cycle. There are many factors and issues relating to our health that can cause hair loss. For example, telogen effluvium hair loss can be triggered by stress or trauma, illnesses, significant changes in hormones and medication. Health problems like iron deficiency is a very common cause for thinning hair that many women can experience.

An unbalanced diet or simply not receiving the right nutrients can also directly impact the health and condition of your hair. To ensure you’re eating to support healthy hair, take some time to assess your current diet and focus on consuming foods that contain the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients.

It’s so easy to forget about the role our physical health can play when we are trying to experience our own all-natural hair transformation. But the reality is, if you’re facing a health challenge or concern that is internally interfering with your hair growth and loss cycle as a result, you won’t be able to experience truly healthy hair growth unless you address the root cause and prioritise your health. Even the very best haircare products, habits and routines can’t internally address or change our hair concerns if we are not focusing on our health and taking the necessary steps.


As amazing as it would be, we simply can’t expect our scalp and hair health to transform overnight. But with consistency and by ensuring you’re meeting and addressing your specific scalp and hair health needs, as well as prioritising your hair habits and focusing on your physical health, you can experience hair that is easier to style and manage both now and for many years to come. We must not forget any of these three key areas that all contribute and influence our hair health results. By simplifying your routine and prioritising your haircare products, habits and physical health, you can promote and encourage your healthiest scalp and hair.

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