Why do you have an oily scalp and dry ends?

Why do you have an oily scalp and dry ends?

Oily scalps and dry ends… they can be difficult to address as individual hair health concerns, but they are even more frustrating and concerning when you’re experiencing both at the same time. For many, having an oily scalp while suffering with dry, unhealthy hair is a constant battle. When your scalp feels greasy, it’s common to avoid haircare products that might be too nourishing or heavy. But when we focus on stripping the oil from our scalp altogether, our hair has to suffer the consequences and is left dry and brittle. We’d all agree that no one wants to live with oily roots or dry ends, so let’s talk about exactly what you need to understand and implement within your haircare routine to experience your healthiest scalp and hair. There are a range of causes for both oily scalps and dry hair, but commonly there are two scenarios that you may find yourself in when trying to resolve these hair problems. So, we’re going to talk about the most common mistakes, as well as the best hair products for oily scalps and dry ends so you can adjust your haircare routine and feel your hair transform.

1. You’re avoiding conditioner

One of the greatest misconceptions about having an oily scalp is that using conditioner on your hair will only make the situation worse. This means many people with oily hair types tend to avoid using conditioner altogether or try to use as little as possible because they don’t want to make their hair feel greasy and heavy. But the truth is, all scalp and hair types need conditioner and a hair mask treatment in order to remain healthy and nourished. Yes, many conditioners aren’t designed for your scalp and are too heavy, leaving your hair feeling greasy. But with the right all-natural haircare products, you can and should be applying conditioner generously to both your scalp and hair. We will discuss more about your haircare products soon. 

By eliminating or reducing the amount of conditioner you’re using, you may feel like you’re doing the best thing possible for your scalp. However, without proper nourishment, our hair and ends will suffer greatly. This means, avoiding conditioner is not the solution to your hair health problems, in fact, it’s only going to make your issues worse.

 2. You’re using shampoos that strip away your natural oil

If you have an oily scalp, it’s easy to assume that you need hair products and shampoos that are designed to manage oily hair types, or in other words, products that actually strip away your oil so your scalp won’t feel as greasy. However, this is simply not the solution to your problem. It is a natural and healthy process for your scalp, more specifically the sebaceous glands connected to your hair follicles, to produce sebum, also known as oil. When you turn to products that contain harsh chemicals or are formulated with sulphates, you are not only removing the natural oil from your scalp so you can enjoy fresh feeling hair, but you are also slowly stripping and drying out your hair overtime. This can leave your ends, as well as your scalp, feeling dry and unhealthy, especially as we age and continue to expose our hair to an endless number of damaging factors, like heat and UV. So, if you want strong, healthy and hydrated hair that’s easy to style and manage for many years to come, avoiding shampoos and products specifically designed to strip and remove your scalp’s oil is essential. Effectively cleaning your scalp and removing the build-up that forms in between your washes is absolutely vital to maintaining healthy hair. But there is an important difference between cleaning your scalp and drying out your hair. So, let’s talk about which products you specifically need if you suffer with an oily scalp and dry ends.

All-natural haircare that nourishes while still remaining lightweight


Ensuring that you thoroughly clean your scalp is an important part of any haircare routine. However, it can become difficult to find a shampoo that is able to do this while also being free from all sulphates. Many natural shampoos aren’t able to provide an effective clean; however, with the right ingredients, you can enjoy a clean, healthy and nourished scalp. Our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo is the best type of hair product for oily roots and dry ends because it has been scientifically formulated with natural, sulphate free surfactants that are proven to provide a rich lather, foaming and cleaning experience without damaging your hair. It also contains a range of natural ingredients known to hydrate, condition, strengthen, manage frizz and increase shine. This means, with our all-natural shampoo, you can effectively clean your scalp and enjoy healthier hair. Being all-natural, our Hair Health Shampoo isn’t designed to strip, clog or interfere with your scalp’s natural sebum (oil) flow, which means it’s not going to magically make your hair completely oil-free overnight. However, you will be able to experience a clean and fresh scalp after washing, while still allowing your natural sebum to release which is essential for keeping both your scalp and hair healthy long term.

To experience your very best results with our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo in your haircare routine, it’s important to apply our shampoo gel generously, focusing on all sections of your scalp. Often, we can miss the underneath sections of our scalp when washing or unintentionally focus on enjoying all the shampoo foam and lather on the top of our scalp. You may even find yourself gathering all of your hair and washing your scalp and hair together when shampooing. However, when we have any oil or product build up, it’s essential to focus on massaging a generous amount of shampoo into all areas of your scalp (not your hair) for your best clean. Double shampooing is also an effective way to ensure your scalp is clean.


We all know, after shampoo, you need conditioner, and as we’ve already discussed, it’s easy to feel reluctant about using conditioner when you have an oily scalp. But with an all-natural conditioner that has been formulated to be nourishing while still remaining lightweight, you can apply conditioner generously without causing your hair to feel greasy. Our Hair Health Conditioner contains a range of nourishing, natural ingredients proven to soothe and enhance your scalp and hair health without leaving a heavy or greasy residue. This means you can apply our conditioner generously to support healthy ends without the worry of actively making your oily scalp even greasier.

Not only is conditioner a vital part in maintaining nourished, healthy hair, but conditioner is an essential step in our hair washing routine because it helps to flatten the hair cuticles for easier detangling and brushing when we get out of the shower. During the shampooing and cleaning process, our hair cuticles are lifted, which can cause our hair to tangle and knot together. But with our Hair Health Conditioner that is formulated with positively charged emulsifiers and conditioning agents, you can flatten those cuticles to experience easier brushing and detangling. Knowing this, you can see that if you don’t use conditioner or you don’t apply enough product to your hair, you’re more prone to experiencing knots that are difficult to brush out, leading to potential hair breakage and damage. As you can see, conditioner is a product and step in your haircare routine that must not be missed, for many reasons.

Hair Mask Treatments

Hair masks and deeply nourishing treatments are also effective in helping you repair, hydrate, condition and strengthen dry, unhealthy ends. Our Sozo Hair Health Mask, specifically, has been formulated with a range of natural ingredients, including argan oil, jojoba oil, davidson plum, beetroot extract, hydrolysed quinoa and much more to deeply nourish dry, brittle hair. Not only is it a must-have in your haircare routine if you struggle with dry ends, our hair mask has also been formulated with ingredients, including manuka honey, that are known to soothe and condition problematic scalps. Because our hair mask is also non-greasy like our conditioner, you can target your scalp and hair health with weekly hair mask treatments without weighing down your hair.

Don’t Use Dry Shampoo

A product that you can become dependent on if you suffer with an oily scalp is dry shampoo. Often, we think dry shampoo is the best solution for making our hair look and feel less oily between washes. But this type of hair product is only going to negatively impact your scalp and hair health in the long term. Dry shampoo can clog your pores and hair follicles on your scalp, interfere with your natural sebum flow and also damage your hair health. This means, if you really want to manage your oily scalp in the best way possible, regular use of dry shampoo should not be part of your haircare routine. If you normally rely on dry shampoo for your oily scalp but want to experience healthier hair, the best thing you can do is, instead, wash your hair more frequently, at least three times a week, with the right natural haircare products to remove the oil build up, as opposed to adding to that build up with dry shampoo.


As annoying as oily scalps can be to manage, if we want to achieve a healthy scalp long term, as well as healthy, hydrated and strong hair, we need to switch our focus from stripping our natural oil, and instead focus on supporting a clean, healthy and nourished scalp and hair. This means saying goodbye to the sulphate-based shampoos that are designed to strip away your oil, as well as products like dry shampoo that can clog your pores and hair follicles and start enjoying your healthiest scalp and hair with all-natural haircare products. Yes, effectively removing the build-up of dirt, oil and styling products by washing regularly is vital for managing oily scalps. But you also need to nourish and treat your scalp and hair so they can remain conditioned and healthy as we age. Our Sozo Hair Health range, specifically our shampoo and conditioner, have been scientifically formulated so you can enjoy a clean, healthy scalp with every wash, as well as strong, shiny and hydrated hair for many years to come. With our all-natural haircare products, you don’t have to suffer with an oily scalp and dry, unhealthy ends. 

The reality is, some people will always have naturally oilier scalp and hair types, while others struggle with dry scalp problems. It is very normal that we all have unique hair health needs. So, if you do have a naturally oily hair type, embrace it and maintain a consistent and regular hair washing routine in order to keep your scalp clean and your hair nourished. Sebum production from the sebaceous glands on our scalp and body is a very normal and healthy process that we need for a variety of reasons and, as we age, this sebum production is known to slow down. But by intentionally choosing all-natural haircare products that are gentle but still effective in cleansing and nourishing without leaving a greasy residue, you can experience your healthiest scalp and hair. And remember, healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp.

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