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Do you need an all-natural hair mask or hair oil?

Every haircare product is created with its own unique purpose and is formulated to provide specific results. Both natural hair masks and hair oils play an important role in your healthy haircare routine, alongside your shampoo and conditioner which are the foundations of any routine. So, if you’re looking to really transform your hair, which type of treatment product should you be using and how you can experience your very best results? Well, let’s take a close look at the role, purpose and benefits of an all-natural mask, like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, and compare it to an oil, such as our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum, so you can understand exactly what your scalp and hair need and how you can establish a consistent haircare routine filled with the right products that will allow you to achieve your healthiest scalp and hair. We all experience various hair health concerns that are unique to our scalp and hair type, and that is why it’s vital to understand the role of every product in your routine, including hair masks and hair oils.

What will an all-natural hair mask do for your scalp and hair?

All hair masks are formulated with different ingredients to provide certain benefits and address unique hair concerns. So, it’s important to know how to use the specific hair mask you choose for your routine. But, for this comparison between masks and oils, let’s discuss what you can expect from an all-natural treatment like our Sozo Hair Health Mask. Formulated with a carefully selected list of natural ingredients proven to treat and nourish both your scalp and hair, our Australian made hair mask is a vital part of achieving and maintaining a healthy scalp, as well as strong, shiny hair and healthy hair growth.

With aloe barbadensis leaf juice, argan oil, baobab seed extract, sunflower seed oil, beetroot extract, davidson plum and many other natural ingredients, our hair mask is best for all hair types, including dry, damaged and brittle ends. It’s formulated to hydrate, condition, repair, strengthen, increase shine and smooth your hair. Although it is a rich and nourishing treatment, our Hair Health Mask is also perfect for thin and fine hair types as we’ve used ingredients known to be lightweight, which means your hair won’t feel greasy or heavy. Not only will it enhance the health and condition of your hair, but our all-natural hair mask treatment is also designed to soothe and nourish your scalp. Manuka honey, specifically, is known for its antibacterial and wound healing properties, making it a key ingredient inside our mask that helps to soothe and reduce scalp irritations. 

Why do you need a hair oil in your routine?

Just like hair masks, there’s also a variety of different oils and natural ingredients that are recommended to be used for your best hair oiling treatments. Many natural oils target very specific scalp and hair concerns; however, with a product like our Sozo Scalp & Hair Health Serum you can treat your scalp and hair without having to purchase a series of different plant oils or hair products. Just like our mask, this hair oil has been formulated to soothe your scalp, plus it contains ingredients known reduce inflammation as well as encourage healthy hair growth. Our Scalp & Hair Health Serum has also been formulated with ingredients proven to help strengthen, hydrate, protect, smooth and increase shine. Some of the ingredients featured in our hair serum include rosemary oil, macadamia seed oil, jojoba, sunflower seed oil, beetroot extract, bisabolol, argan oil, grapeseed oil and more.

What’s the difference between a hair mask and hair oil?

Product texture

The most obvious difference between these two types of hair products include the actual texture and consistency of the hair mask and oil. Our Sozo Hair Health Mask has a thick, creamy texture with a natural scent of coconut oil to deeply nourish your scalp and hair. Whereas, our Scalp & Hair Health Serum is a lightweight, non-greasy hair oil.


Aside from these two products being different in texture and viscosity, they are also, obviously, very different in the way they are used within your routine. Hair masks are applied to your scalp and hair after shampooing, in place of conditioner, and are then washed out. With a treatment like our Hair Health Mask, you can leave it in for roughly 5 minutes when in the shower or for up to about 30 minutes. Whereas, a hair oil when being used as an oil treatment is applied to both the scalp and hair before washing. Prewash oil treatments should be applied and left to absorb for at least 30 minutes or for up to a couple of hours before washing out in the shower, followed by your shampoo and conditioner.

Unlike most hair oils that are often heavy and greasy, our Scalp & Hair Health Serum can be used for prewash oil treatments as well as smoothing and styling because it has been formulated with a lightweight and silicone free oil emollient. Because of this ultra-lightweight formula and because it contains jojoba, sunflower seed oil and grapeseed oil, our serum can be used before styling for heat protection, as well as for smoothing frizz and increasing shine. Of course, the application amount when using our hair serum for heat protection and styling is different to the application needed for prewash oil treatments. When styling, it’s always important to remember that less is more, meaning you only need to start with a couple of drops of oil for your hair, then gradually add more if needed. With prewash oil treatments, however, you should be applying oil to your scalp and hair much more generously. This means our hair oil is not only a treatment product but also a styling product, whereas hair masks are exclusively treatment products that are deigned to be washed out.

So, which product do you need for your scalp and hair?

The answer to this question is not one product or the other. Instead, it is dependent on your specific scalp and hair health needs, as well as your haircare routine. Although both hair masks and oils can target similar hair concerns and address some of the same hair health problems, an all-natural hair mask and high-quality hair oil can both play an important role in your overall routine. Of course, if you prefer to keep your routine as simple as possible in order to stay consistent, then you can, of course, choose the product that addresses your needs best. However, if you’re looking to experience your very best hair health results and support healthy hair growth, while still enjoying heated styling tools occasionally, then both a hair mask and serum or oil, like our Scalp & Hair Health Serum, will be effective in your haircare routine. They are both unique to one another and can provide specific benefits for enhancing your overall scalp and hair health.


When starting or investing into your hair health journey, it can become confusing or slightly overwhelming at times to know which products are actually going to give you your best results within your routine. This is why it’s essential to understand the purpose, ingredients, application and benefits of every product. Although hair masks and hair oils can be formulated with similar ingredients and they both support your overall scalp and hair health, they are two very different products in terms of product texture and application. It’s easy to fall into the trap of asking ‘Which product do I need in my haircare routine?’ However, in order to achieve your healthiest scalp and hair, support healthy hair growth and protect your hair when styling, both masks and oils can play a vital role in your routine. Just like any haircare product though, you need to be aware of the ingredients formulated into the hair mask and oil you wish to use, because many products are formulated with hidden nasties and ingredients that aren’t natural, and this can affect your hair health results long term. Many traditional haircare products can make your hair feel nice in the short term, but with the scientifically proven all-natural ingredients inside our hair mask, oil and entire Sozo Hair Health range, you can know you’re supporting your hair health in both the short and long term so you can experience healthy hair that’s easy to manage in years to come.

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