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How all-natural, Australian haircare transformed my scalp and hair health

If you’re struggling with any type of scalp or hair health challenge, including hair loss, dry, damaged hair or maybe an itchy, irritated scalp, then you are in the right place! My name is Isabella and I’m the founder of Sozo Australia. Today, I’m going to share with you how our all-natural, Australian haircare products helped me take my hair from thin, unhealthy and limp to shiny, voluminous, thick and, overall, so much healthier. Although our worth and value as individuals should not be and is not based on our appearance, the state and health of our hair can most definitely impact our confidence, as I know first-hand.

Why I needed to find natural, Australian haircare that actually performed!

Growing up, I always had a passion for hair and beauty. When I was a young teenager, I would teach myself how to braid and do different styles on myself by watching tutorials online. Although I enjoyed all things hair and beauty, I never really considered how this passion could relate to or influence the career path I would take.

In fact, it wasn’t until I experienced significant hair loss after being unexpectedly diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2019, that I started to truly understand my hair health and the types of products I was using.

Type one diabetes is currently an incurable and unpreventable autoimmune disease and, although I knew other diabetics, I wasn’t aware of the warning signs of this condition. This meant that I rapidly became very unwell before I was eventually diagnosed with type one. Due to the stress my body had been put through before my diagnosis, I then experienced hair loss in the months after being diagnosed.

I have always had naturally thin and limp hair, so over the years, I had certainly tried many different hair products, but never found haircare that truly performed and enhanced my hair health. After several months of my hair continuously shedding and becoming extremely thin and unhealthy due to being so unwell in 2019, I was desperate to find haircare products that would be effective in improving my hair health struggles. As I began to research solutions and understand more about haircare, I quickly learned about all of the harsh chemicals and hidden nasties that are formulated into most hair products in the market, even those promoted as natural. 

It was all of this that sparked my desire for wanting to create truly all-natural and Australian haircare that produced real results. I, personally, wanted to be able to use Australian made haircare products that I knew were genuinely all-natural and would actually be effective in improving my scalp and hair health.

This was just the start of the development process for our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask.

The all-natural haircare ingredients that will transform your hair

During the development process which involved extensive sampling and adjusting of our all-natural hair products, it quickly became evident just how important each ingredient is in our formulas, as well as the role every ingredient plays in helping you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair.

As I’ve already mentioned, my hair was extremely thin, unhealthy, limp and very difficult to style after experiencing hair loss. But with the perfect balance of all the scientifically proven natural ingredients in our Sozo Hair Health products I have been able to completely transform my scalp and hair health and experience hair like I never have before.

Sozo Australia's founder before and after natural haircare

So, you might be wondering what the ingredients are that you need in order to transform your hair. We’d love you to take a look at our Ingredient Glossary for the complete list of all the natural haircare ingredients we use in our range. But we also know life is busy, so let me briefly summarise what you need to know about our ingredients and how they can help you improve your scalp and hair, just like they did for me.

To start, what I can tell you is that our Sozo Hair Health range is completely free from all sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, PEGs, perfumes and animal testing. Although many haircare products in the market can leave your hair feeling okay, or maybe even nice, in the short term, products containing these harsh chemicals and hidden nasties can have negative impacts on your hair in the years to come. Check out one of our other blog posts here for more on why you should eliminate chemical based products from your haircare routine.

Now that you know what is not in our formulas, let’s talk about what is! Each of our Australian haircare products have been formulated with aloe barbadensis leaf juice as the first ingredient, instead of water which is most commonly used in many hair and beauty products. This gives your scalp and hair more hydration, moisture and nourishment than products based on water.

Alongside aloe barbadensis leaf juice, our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask also contain baobab seed extract, hydrolysed quinoa, hyaluronic acid, finger lime and many other ingredients that are proven to repair damage, protect against UV and environmental factors, increase shine, hydrate and add volume for easier styling. For someone like me who was suffering with poor hair health, this meant my scalp and hair were receiving the proper nourishment they needed, while also being protected against further damage. 

The improvement in my overall hair health and, specifically, the new hair growth I have and continue to experience is due to the selection of all-natural ingredients, including manuka honey, that are proven to treat and nourish the scalp, as well as ingredients like tocopheryl (vitamin E) that promote new hair growth. Ensuring you’re taking care of your scalp is essential to achieving and maintaining healthy hair long term.

The role your hair habits are playing in your hair health

Committing to consistently using our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask was and is the greatest influence on my overall hair health. But the hair habits we practice regularly also play a vital role in keeping our scalp and hair healthy. So, here’s what helped me to improve and maintain my healthy hair.

  1. In the past I used to wash my hair almost every day, but now I wash my hair three times each week, as my hair is naturally oily, and this ensures my scalp remains clean, but not over washed.
  2. Using our Hair Health Mask at least once a week helps to keep my hair repaired, protected, silky smooth, healthy and, overall, so much shinier. Our natural hair mask is intensely nourishing but also does not leave that heavy build up feeling on your scalp and hair, which means you can use our Hair Health Mask as often as your hair requires.
  3. Keeping my brush clean is also essential to ensuring I’m not brushing and styling my clean scalp and hair with brushes that are full of old hair and product build up.
  4. Knowing the effects of heated styling tools on our hair health, I prefer to limit my exposure to heat damage by using low to medium heat settings on my blow dryer, as well as using heatless velcro rollers for styling. Of course, I do like to curl my hair occasionally with heated tools, but I try to limit this exposure as much as possible.

These are only a few hair habits to be aware of that can influence our scalp and hair health. If you want to know more about what hair mistakes and habits you need to avoid to help you achieve your healthiest scalp and hair, click here to download for free today a list of the 10 most common hair mistakes that we’ve created exclusively for you.


Improving your scalp and hair health is a continuous journey that does take time, but when you make the decision to give your hair what it really needs to thrive by investing in all-natural, Australian haircare, you can experience the hair you have always dreamed of! If you would like to hear more about my story and the journey of Sozo Australia, I’d love for you to read more here, and if you’re ready to experience your healthiest scalp and hair, it’s time to make the switch to Sozo today!

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