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Why you need to stop using chemical based hair care products.

Hair and beauty products often contain a wide range of harsh chemicals and hidden nasties that we don’t always identify. If you’ve had negative experiences in the past with natural products, especially all-natural hair care, you might not be completely convinced that you should give up traditional, chemical based haircare. But when you start to understand what harsh chemicals can potentially do to your body, skin, scalp and hair you might feel differently.

Let’s take a look at why you really must eliminate all chemical based hair products from your routine by going through some of the short and long term impacts.

Short term impacts

Although hair products are not applied directly to your skin, often the hair care residue from our scalp runs down our body as we wash our hair. If you have sensitive skin and are using traditional hair products, this can lead to potential skin irritations and conditions. It can be easy to overlook hair care products as a potential cause or contributing factor to skin irritations and conditions, including acne or breakouts, that many people experience. So if you struggle with skin problems, start by investigating what is really formulated into your hair products.

If you use all natural hair care formulated with ingredients scientifically proven to be mild and gentle on your skin, just like our Sozo Hair Health range, you can easily mitigate these skin concerns caused by harsh chemicals.

Long term impacts

Not only do traditional, chemical-based hair products impact you in the short term, but they can also have more serious long term effects on your hair and overall health.

When it comes to your hair health, continuous use of products containing ingredients like sulphates may strip away the natural oil from your scalp and hair, leaving you with dry, limp hair, or struggling to normalise your sebum (oil) flow to maintain healthy hair.

Over the years, many scientific studies have made suggestions that parabens (often used in hair and beauty products as a preservative) may potentially have negative impacts on your overall health. Taking this into consideration, always do your research, especially when choosing to invest in hair care products containing parabens.

Although parabens are used as preservatives, which are essential for any product, all natural hair care ingredients and preservative alternatives can be and are formulated in to natural hair products, like our Sozo Hair Health range, to achieve a long shelf life without the use of harmful chemicals. Explore our complete Ingredient Glossary to understand more about the natural hair care ingredients and preservatives used in our Hair Health products.


As you can see, harsh chemicals formulated into hair care products can have negative impacts on your skin, body and overall health, as well as make your hair age faster and feel dry and limp after years of continued used. These are only a small handful of reasons why you should use natural hair care products and take the time to understand what you are really applying to your scalp, hair and body.

By eliminating the products containing harsh chemicals and hidden nasties and replacing them with all natural hair care, you can experience healthier hair without the stress or worry of what the chemicals might be doing to you, your health and your family.

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