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3 ways to give your hair volume and bounce

Flat, thin, limp or unhealthy hair can be difficult to style but with a handful of simple and easy to implement tips, you can add more bounce and volume back into your hair. If you have naturally thin or fine hair, it can certainly be more difficult to achieve voluminous hair. Nevertheless, hair volume is greatly determined by your styling techniques, as well as the haircare products you use multiple times each week. Let’s start by looking at three easy ways you can increase your hair volume when drying and styling.

1. How to blow dry for maximum hair volume

How you blow dry your hair after washing will always play a significant role in your overall bounce and volume. If you’re looking for the easiest blow drying tip you can implement without any skill or experience required, our greatest recommendation is to blow dry with your hair leaning forward.

Flipping over your head and hair entirely while leaning forward when blow drying automatically lifts your roots to help avoid that flat, limp hair feeling. Once again, if you’re looking for the easiest way to style for more volume, dry your hair almost completely while leaning forward. When you lift your head back up, your roots and hair should be full of bounce. Following this, use a brush or styling comb to gently brush out your hair and finish your overall style.

2. Use styling brushes to give thin hair more volume and bounce

Another great tool for increasing your hair volume when blow drying is using a round styling brush. If you feel more confident and a little more experienced with your blow dryer and styling brushes, we always recommend you lift your roots with a round brush to give you more voluminous hair. Even when wanting to style your hair straight, round brushes are great for giving you that added volume and that thick, bouncy look.

If you know you want the results of styling with a round brush but maybe find it a little too hard to coordinate both a blow dryer and brush, there are several other heated styling solutions available. Electronic blowout brushes and tools like Mermade Hair’s Blow Dry Brush or the Dyson AirWrap are great for easy but effectively styling, as they have combined the styling brush and the blow dryer into one tool.

3. Alternative heatless styling tools and accessories

Now we’ve discussed how to achieve maximum hair volume when drying and styling wet hair, it’s now time to look at the extra tools and accessories you can use for healthy and voluminous hair. Heatless styling accessories like velcro rollers or curling bands are great for achieving that added bounce. Velcro rollers, specifically, are best for sectioning your hair and, once again, lifting your roots to create a bouncy hairstyle that will last all day. 

To experience your best results with your velcro rollers:

  • Always ensure you lift each section of hair directly up, away from your scalp, when you go to use each roller. It’s important to know you’re not just ‘rolling’ the ends of your hair into the roller but actually lifting the entire section of hair to provide a strong lift at the roots.
  • As you start to roll your hair, take specific notice of your ends to make sure that they are not knotted or tangled in the roller, to avoid any unwanted kinks when you go to remove the rollers from your hair.
  • Using bobby pins or mini hair or butterfly clips is a great way to keep all your rollers secured while you’re allowing you hair to set. However, always be careful of where you place your bobby pins, as they can create pin marks or lines in your hair. Simply positioning your pins underneath each section of hair and/or the velcro roller itself can certainly help to avoid this potential problem.
  • Once you have sectioned your hair completely with your rollers, use your hair dryer to add a small amount of warm air, as this helps to keep the style once your hair has cooled down when in the roller. Alternatively, use a little bit of hairspray to set your hair in your velcro rollers.

If you have not yet tried or don’t have a lot of experience with velcro rollers, we absolutely recommend you give them a try next time you’re styling your hair. And if you’re needing some velcro rollers to purchase, you definitely don’t need to be looking for anything expensive or extravagant. Simply buy a pack that you feel offers a variety of sizes for your thickness and length of hair.

Although many hairstyles require heat based styling tools, investing and experimenting with heatless alternatives like velcro rollers are great for creating styles that can last all day without the extreme heat damage.

Volumizing hair products

As we’ve discussed, styling your hair is a very significant part of achieving greater hair volume; however, if you’re not using the right, high quality haircare products, it can be almost impossible to have bouncy, voluminous hair.

The haircare market is full of volumizing hair products, volume shampoos, volumizing sprays and more. But if you’re looking to invest in some new haircare products, we always recommend you take a closer look at each product, what ingredients have been included in the products and how they will actually benefit your scalp and hair health. Although a product might be great for adding volume, does it also treat your overall scalp and hair health?

We always recommend you invest in all-natural hair products like our Sozo Hair Health range that are scientifically formulated to nourish and treat your scalp and hair, as well as provide additional benefits like increased hair volume.

You might be wondering how haircare products can be both nourishing and volumizing. But with the right ingredients, you can certainly achieve healthy, shiny, hydrated hair that is also voluminous. Our Sozo Hair Health has been designed with proven and nourishing natural ingredients while also remaining lightweight for added volume.

Hyaluronic acid is one of our feature ingredients formulated into our shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, that we specifically selected because of it’s high water retention capabilities and due to the fact that it creates a moisture barrier around the hair shaft to give you more volume and body.

So, if you’re needing haircare for fine hair or you’re looking for products to give your limp hair more volume, always take the time to understand the ingredients used as this will give you a good idea about what volumizing hair products are really going to do for your scalp and hair. If you’re wanting to understand more about the all-natural ingredients in our Sozo Hair Health products, our complete Ingredient Glossary is a great place for you to start.


Addressing fine, limp hair is largely about utilising the right natural haircare products and styling techniques that can increase your overall hair volume. Don’t forget, when you’re drying and styling your hair, always focus on lifting your roots for more volume. And finally, invest in haircare that is both nourishing and lightweight for healthy, bouncy hair.

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