Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel
Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel

Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel

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Enjoy smoother, healthier hair with our Sozo Hair Health Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel that absorbs water quickly and reduces friction to the hair strands, leaving you with less frizz when styling. With our hair being most fragile and vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet, gently wrapping and drying your lovely locks with our bamboo microfibre towel after washing will help to prevent damage before brushing and styling. Simply allow our unique bamboo microfibre blend to absorb the water from your hair while completing your post-shower routine and feel the difference when brushing and styling your hair. 

Carefully designed to meet the needs of all hair types, we’ve added a small elastic band to the back of our bamboo hair towel, so you can easily and comfortably secure your towel and enjoy all its benefits without it unwrapping or slipping off your hair, unlike many bath towels that become heavy and difficult to manage. Not only are the traditional bath towels we use to dry our bodies much heavier, they are also known to be less absorbent while causing more friction to the hair shaft. Ultimately this leads to longer drying times and more frizz. But with our Sozo Bamboo Microfibre Hair Towel, you can make your post-shower routine quicker, easier, more comfortable and your hair will thank you for it.

✔️ Microfibre & bamboo fibre blend
✔️ Lightweight for maximum comfort
✔️ For all hair types and lengths
✔️ Size: 95cm x 60cm
✔️ Colour: Grey
✔️ Elastic band to secure & hold towel in place
✔️ Great for both adults & children
✔️ Less friction on hair strands for less frizz
✔️ Faster hair drying time
✔️ Helps to prevent hair breakage & supports healthier hair

Always wash your bamboo microfibre hair towel before your first use. After washing your hair with our Sozo Hair Health products, gently press the microfibre towel into wet hair to absorb excess water. Next, lean your head forward, allowing your hair to fall naturally. Place your towel on top of your head, gather your hair under the towel, then gently twist, lift your head up and secure with the elastic band located on the back of your towel. Leave for at least 15 minutes or as long as you require before removing. Gently brush out any knots with our Detangling Hairbrush for less hair breakage, then style and enjoy your healthiest hair.


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During the packing process, we do our very best to thoroughly check every order. However, if something has arrived damaged or it is incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can make it right and send you exactly what you purchased.

We always recommend that you review the ingredient list of each product and our full Ingredient Glossary before making your purchase. If you do experience any type of medical reaction, please contact us immediately with photographs of your condition and see a medical professional. If your situation is verified, we will provide you with a full refund. 

What hair type is Sozo Hair Health best suited for?
We have used all-natural ingredients to formulate products that are suitable for all hair types.

Is this safe to use on coloured hair?
Yes, all of our products are colour safe.

Do the Sozo Hair Health products contain any chemicals?
We are proud to say that our all natural hair products are formulated with only the best natural ingredients. This means our Australian haircare is free from all sulphates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, perfumes and animal testing.

Are the Sozo Hair Health products suitable for oily hair?

With our natural haircare being chemical free, our products allow your scalp's sebum (oil) to flow naturally, allowing your sebum to normalise. Many chemical based hair products can clog your scalp and pores, which can interfere with your overall sebum flow. Our Sozo Hair Health, however, nourishes, hydrates and conditions, while remaining lightweight to normalise your scalp's oil and reduce that heavy, greasy feeling.

Will the Hair Health products assist with hair loss and thinning?

Our Sozo Hair Health has been formulated to encourage new hair growth. However, hair loss can be caused by many factors. Thinning is often a result of a health condition or illness, so we always encourage you to first seek professional advice about the cause of your significant hair loss. Then, with consistent and long term use of our all natural shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, you can help promote new hair growth for overall thicker, healthier hair.

How long do I have to use these products to experience results?

It is normal that we all experience different results. Many can feel improvements in their scalp and hair health with only a handful of washes. However, most commonly, you need to be washing your hair with our products multiple times each week for at least one to two months to experience the full benefit.

Are these products safe to use on children or when pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
Because our Australian made haircare is formulated without any harsh chemicals or hidden nasties, it is safe for the whole family. However, we always do recommend you seek medical and/or professional advice to ensure each and every ingredient is suitable for your personal health.

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