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Why your scalp is oily and how you can normalise your sebum (oil) flow

The natural sebum (oil) flow of our scalp is impacted by many different factors, including our health and changes within our bodies. Just like we all have different skin types, some of us have a more naturally oily scalp and hair. However, despite your hair type, changes in your hair care routine can also impact your scalp’s natural oil flow. 

If you've noticed you’re experiencing an oilier scalp than usual, especially after switching from traditional, chemical based products to all natural hair care, then there are two possible factors at play.

1. You're not using ENOUGH shampoo

Many believe over-shampooing your scalp and hair can be detrimental in the long term. If you are using a chemical based shampoo containing ingredients like sulphates, then it can in fact strip out your natural oil, leaving you with dry, limp hair in the future.

However, when using an all natural, chemical free shampoo like our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, it is always better to apply plenty of product, as opposed to not enough. Why is this the case? Our vegan shampoo only contains all natural ingredients, including sulphate-free surfactants to effectively clean and nourish your scalp without stripping away your oil. Plus, it is essential to remove all dirt and product build up to achieve your healthiest scalp possible.

With our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, you will feel a rich lather and foaming experiencing, which means if you are not achieving that lather, you simply need to increase the amount of product you’re using. Generous amounts of shampoo and doubling shampoo your scalp is especially needed if you use a lot of hair styling products or have waited longer than you normally would between hair washes.

2️. Your natural oil flow needs to NORMALISE

If you feel your scalp and hair are oilier than usual after switching from chemical based hair care to all natural hair products, then your natural sebum (oil) flow needs time to normalise and regulate. When you use hair care formulated with harsh chemicals like sulphates and silicones, for example, your oil flow can be interfered. Specifically, continued use of products containing sulphates are known to strip out your natural oil, while silicones can coat and clog your scalp and pores, which means the oil flow is unable to be released and regulate as normal.⁠ ⁠Chemical based hair care and products targeted to address oily scalps like dry shampoos, can give you the feeling of oil-free and healthy hair. However, this is not the case long term if your scalp cannot regulate its sebum flow or if your scalp is not effectively cleaned.

Because our Hair Health Shampoo is formulated to clean, hydrate and nourish without any harsh chemicals,⁠ when you switch to all natural hair care, your clogged scalp, pores and oil build up are released.⁠ ⁠This means you may experience increased oil while your scalp is trying to normalise itself without being clogged or interfered with by chemical based hair products.

Although you might experience a slightly oilier scalp in the short term, after several weeks of consistent and regular use of our all natural hair care, your natural sebum flow will normalise and regulate, leaving you with a healthier scalp and hair.


Changes in your overall scalp and hair health can take time, so if you’re experiencing concerns or irritations with your scalp or hair, don’t give up hope when you’re not seeing results after only a couple of washes. Products filled with harsh chemicals can create serious consequences in the long term, which is why we always recommend you invest in Australian made, chemical-free, natural hair care for hair that is healthier both now and in the future.

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