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How to treat hair loss and encourage new hair growth

Hair loss, thinning and shedding are all hair health challenges many of us experience. Thinning hair can be caused by several different factors, but is often out of our control, making it very difficult to experience hair regrowth.

Small amounts of hair shedding is a completely normal part of our hair growth and fall cycles. However, if you find you are experiencing increased amounts of hair loss, for example when washing or brushing your hair, here is what you can do to address your thin hair and encourage new hair growth.

1. Identify what is causing your hair loss

Noticeable, sudden and significant hair shedding can be caused by various factors. This means in order to address your thinning hair; you must first understand what is causing your hair loss.

Possible causes can include health conditions, increased stress, changes in hormones as we age and diet or nutrition. Take some time to understand which of these causes are most relevant to your personal situation. Consulting medical and professional advice is a great way to confirm the cause of your hair loss, as well as seek specific treatment for your condition.

Identifying the cause is an important first step because even the best hair care products cannot override or resolve any potential issues that might going on inside our bodies that require medical attention.

With hair loss often being out of our control, achieving a well-balanced diet, practicing good hair habits and using high quality hair care are your best options for promoting hair regrowth.

2. Research and invest in hair care to support hair growth

After you have taken time to understand why your hair is thinning and received any required medical treatment, it is essential you invest in hair care products that will assist with hair regrowth.

The hair care market is full of hair growth products; however, it is recommended you do your research and always take a closer look at the ingredients formulated into each product. Many hair growth treatment products and remedies contain harsh chemicals in order to stimulate and achieve new hair regrowth reasonably quickly.

However, if you are not interested in exposing yourself and your body to these harsh chemicals, then your best course of action is to invest in high quality, all natural hair care products scientifically formulated to help encourage new hair growth, just like our Sozo Hair Health Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask.

Our range of natural, Australian hair products are designed to achieve your healthiest scalp and hair without the use of any harsh chemicals or hidden nasties. Our conditioner and hair mask, specifically, have been formulated with an ingredient called tocopherol acetate, which is naturally derived vitamin E. Due to its antioxidant effects, vitamin E helps you to achieve a healthy scalp, as well promote new hair growth which is a result of the increased blood flow to the hair follicles. Not only does vitamin E provide these benefits, but it also maintains the outer coating of your hair, improving shine.

With consistent and long term use of products like our natural hair care containing tocopherol, as well as a range of other natural ingredients scientifically proven to improve both your scalp and hair health, you can encourage regrowth and thickened hair.


Treating hair loss and thinning involves consideration of many factors and habits. Just like our skin, our hair is so easily impacted by our health, stress we are experiencing, diet and how we take care of our scalp and hair. This is why you must always understand the cause of your hair loss and invest in natural hair care like our Sozo Hair Health to promote and encourage hair growth naturally.

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