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Natural hair products and tips to combat winter hair

With cold winter days comes hair that feels dry and, overall, unhealthy. During the coldest months of the year, many of us increase our use of heaters and air conditioning to stay warm. With these heaters and the dry, cold temperatures we are exposed to outside, our scalp and hair can suffer greatly during winter.

But you can avoid that winter hair feeling and keep your scalp and hair healthy by implementing only a few simple steps into your haircare routine. Don’t forget, the haircare you choose to invest in plays a vital role in keeping your hair hydrated, conditioned, repaired, protected, strengthened, shiny and easy to style. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about combatting winter hair.

1. Invest in a hair mask or treatment

I’m sure we can all agree there’s no greater feeling than being at home, staying warm and cosy with your heater on a cold winter’s night. But, unfortunately, this, as well as the cold temperatures and winds, can leave your hair feeling extremely dry, limp, unhealthy and, potentially, frizzier. This means your hair can become difficult to style, control and manage.

In order to combat and treat winter hair, you need to be using an all-natural hair mask at least one to two times a week. Natural hair products, like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, can hydrate, moisturise, repair, protect, strengthen and condition your scalp and hair using only the best all-natural haircare ingredients. Many conditioners and hair treatments can contain silicones and ingredients to give you that silky, soft hair feeling when you’re experiencing dry, unhealthy hair. But in fact, with continuous use, these silicones are coating your hair, which doesn’t allow the nourishing ingredients to completely absorb into your hair long term. This is why we always recommend natural hair products, like our Sozo Hair Health range, that only contain all-natural ingredients scientifically proven to treat and nourish your scalp and hair for healthier hair in the years to come.

With a product like our Sozo Hair Health Mask, all you need to do is shampoo and then apply our mask to your scalp and hair for as little as two or three minutes before thoroughly rinsing. Implementing short treatments into your haircare routine is a great way to ensure your hair is being nourished without taking up a significant amount of your time. Alternatively, if you enjoy practising some self-care, you can certainly leave our hair mask in for about 30 minutes as a longer and more intense treatment while you are reading a book, watching a show or doing something else you love. If you’re suffering from particularly dry, damaged, matted and frizzy hair, a longer treatment will help you to experience the greatest results with our Australian made hair mask.

2. Be gentle on your hair, especially when brushing

When we suffer from ⁠winter hair, it can often become very brittle, making us more susceptible to experiencing hair breakage and split ends. Knowing this, we all need to ensure we’re being gentle with our hair, particularly when brushing and styling. 

Something that you can do to avoid breakage without having to purchase or implement any new natural hair products into your routine is to always ensure that you are brushing your hair starting from your ends and working your way up to your roots. This is especially important when our hair becomes extremely knotted or matted. Focusing on your ends first when brushing will help to remove those knots and keep your hair as strong as possible.

3. Reduce exposure to heat when styling

Another hair tip you can implement immediately is being aware of the heat settings on your heated styling tools. To limit and reduce heat damage as much as possible, keep your tools on low to medium temperatures when styling. As we’ve already discussed, winter hair can become very brittle and dry, so intentionally reducing your heat exposure will help you to maintain healthy, strong, shiny and soft hair.

If you love to curl your hair on a regular basis, investigate other heatless curling tools and accessories that you can implement into your styling routine for healthy, bouncy and voluminous hair.


Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid the effects of winter on our scalp and hair entirely. But by implementing these simple tips into your haircare routine, you can give your scalp and hair the very best chance at remaining hydrated, moisturised, conditioned, shiny, healthy and full of volume for easier styling.

If your winter haircare routine could use a complete revamp, discover our entire Sozo Hair Health range of natural hair products scientifically formulated to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest scalp and hair all year long.

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